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Tuesday's match between Greece and the Czech Republic has huge implications poland greece betting preview goal both sides poland greece betting preview goal terms of their chances to advance to the knockout stages of the European Championship. Greece was able to come away with a draw in its opening match against Poland in Warsaw, despite playing the majority of the match a man down. Poland greece betting preview goal Polish side looked in control, and it seemed they would start the tournament off with a win, but substitute Dimitris Salpingidis found the back of the net in the 51st minute to tie the game at one. The Czech Republic was taken behind the woodshed by Russia in its first match, falling in embarrassing fashion They'll certainly need a better effort if they want to avoid being all but mathematically eliminated after their first two games. Sokratis Papastathopoulos is suspended for this one after being sent off against Poland on a controversial call, to say the least. Avraam Papadopoulos, another key defensive contributor for the Greeks, is out of the tournament with a knee injury.

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Spread betting futures unexplained mysteries

During this period, both felt a strange pressure within their ears. Roy said, "That's it Walt. I'm outta here. During the summer months, temperatures can reach degrees. The heat waves dancing off a flat surface can make objects appear to shimmer while looking through them. But this was mid-January and the temperature was around 60 or so.

Old Roy would never again return to the site, no matter how we tried to persuade him. Was the shimmering and ear sensation the beginning of some activation that never reached its full potential? Seeing the expression on Roy's face after he returned to camp--take my word, it happened. Ghost Camp A number of individuals have disappeared from the unfriendly rugged hills over the years. Did some make the unfortunate mistake of entering the portal at the wrong time?

The following suggests that possibility. While the four of us were checking out an old silver workings, we came upon a deserted miners camp that Louie had told us about weeks earlier. Everything was left behind--rotted clothing, tools, drill steel, old blankets and cooking utensils. Everything was there to maintain a functional camp.

By the looks of several items, I'd say the site was active during the s. It looked as though somebody just walked away and never returned--or couldn't. The camp was almost a mile from the bizarre site high above. Did this party fall victim to it, or did he become discouraged with mining and abandon camp? I find this highly unlikely.

We also heard a story about a lone prospector who arrived each October and remained until spring. This continued for several years. One day, he vanished, leaving his horse, wagon and camp behind. It was located near a saddle in the mountains--just north of you know what. A body was never found. We visited this site and found a deep shaft nearby with numerous open cuts on a hill. Was he prospecting or treasure hunting? It was rumored that some bandit's loot--two bags of gold coins--was buried within this area.

Stories like this keep people like us searching. Stones From the Heavens Another close encounter occurred about 14 months into our treasure game, a game that seemed to be going nowhere. While in Arivaca picking up needed supplies, we met three other treasure hunters.

They were in the area for a month seeking the famous "Lost Treasure of Carreta Canyon" hidden by the fleeing padres from the Tumacacori Mission during the great Pima uprising of We invited them to stop by camp and gave them directions. Several weeks later, they arrived and had an interesting story to tell.

By chance, while traveling overland, they camped near the mouth of the canyon leading to the strange area. We discovered this when one pointed to their campsite on his map. While relaxing one evening after a long, tiring search for this elusive treasure, they heard a sound like rain hitting the tent. Stepping outside, they saw the sky was clear. All at once a shower of hundreds of small stones came cascading down around them. Most were the size of a large pea, were reddish brown and resembled hematite, an iron ore.

Picking several up, they noticed they were quite warm to the touch. Their camp wasn't located near any high cliffs where the stones could have originated. George, a member of the group, jokingly said: "Perhaps we're camping on some ancient Indian burial ground and the spirits want us to leave.

By now, one has to admit something quite out of the ordinary encircles this strange site. I won't definitely say their encounter with the warm stones had anything to do with our odd out-of-time region. Indian spirits or not, something weird occurred while they sat relaxing in their tent. My Encounter After our two-year adventure ended without finding buried gold or lost mines, we returned to Washington State for almost a year.

We then moved to Arizona, making Tucson our home. Most of our adult lives have been one long adventure after the other. If Roy and Walt arrived at our door with some wild treasure lead, we'd be off with them the next day. To live such a lifestyle, we all remained single. We were one big happy family of devil-may-care adventurers. The strange experience I had occurred on Oct. During one of our two-week adventures, I found myself near the canyon that leads towards that oddball site.

Not having been there in almost four years, I decided to pay it a visit. The canyon was just as rugged as ever. After climbing and slipping among the boulders, I finally arrived at the steep hill leading to the site above. It's a long, weary climb, so I paused for a breather half way up. I sat on the slope facing north. Too my left west , the steep hill followed the canyon perhaps a mile, but something was definitely wrong. Below to my left was a canyon--where none had existed.

Curious, I made my way down, entering it from the eastside, so I thought. I soon discovered I was in the same canyon that led toward the hill I had just scaled. I was more than yards back down the canyon on a different slope and now I was facing south--I had mysteriously been transported to the new location. Thinking I was looking west, I was really looking east seeing the canyon I had just hiked. There was no way on earth I could have reached this other slope while climbing the original hill.

Knowing where I was, suddenly I knew why this had happened. Any skepticism I had about this crazy site vanished. I was apprehensive about continuing and should have departed the area immediately. But curiosity led me on. I made the grueling climb once again, passing the spot where minutes before I had been resting. I realized that if something within this site caused my teleportation, I might not even be in my own time.

What a frightening thought that was. I felt somewhat alarmed over the incident that occurred. Soon, I arrived at the site and looked around. Everything appeared normal. No shimmering effects, lights or other odd observations were observed. However, I noticed how silent it was--not a breeze, a birdcall, nothing. Looking down, I saw the hairs on my arms standing straight up like being near static electricity.

I began feeling uneasy and decided to leave. It seemed each time we visited this twilight zone, we'd discover another geological oddity, and this time was no different. While descending the hill, I found an outcropping of thunder eggs--a cryo-crystalline variety of quartz found in egg-shaped nodules. We had searched this area before, and I couldn't understand how we missed seeing them. After gathering several, I continued on.

If what happened was caused by this tricky mysterious region, I didn't want to perhaps get zapped a second time and wind up God knows where. I was quite relieved when I climbed from the canyon and found my Jeep where I had left it three hours earlier. Glancing skyward, I spotted a jet passing over.

I sure was happy it wasn't some prehistoric bird. I joke now, but something serious could have occurred while in the presence of that weird, upside-down area. That evening at camp, I tried to arrive at some satisfactory answer to what may have happened. Some force could have been released from the area, but being well below the site, I didn't receive its full impact. Anyway, something moved me within a micro second without ever realizing something occurred.

This wasn't my imagination. I have kept the location secret all these years, as I do not want the area turning into some circus sideshow. Only five living friends of mine know its location. The others--Roy, Walt and Louie--have gone on to that Big Desert in the sky, where all of us will meet again. It is not some UFO landing site or mythical place to communicate with spirits from the beyond, but it is capable of altering time at random.

On my last visit to this wondrous place, I discovered the top portion of the archway had collapsed. All that remains are the two columns. Will this damage interfere with its ability to change time? The following story answers that question. New Visitors During , my friend Bill Riley and his wife, Mary, wanted to visit the area after hearing the remarkable stories surrounding it. Both had to promise not to reveal its location to others.

After showing them the rugged route on a map, it still took them several attempts to find it. During their first attempt to reach this forbidden zone, Bill injured his knee but managed to continue. I had to remind them how unfriendly this region can be while prowling its harsh domain. On their second trip, they missed the right hill. However, they did discover a portion of the geode bed, and were amazed by its expense.

That evening, while camping within the canyon, both claimed a slight vibration came from the nearby geodes when placing their hands upon them. Mary later mentioned it was a spooky place and she felt uneasy throughout the night. The following morning while exploring, Bill discovered a hollow geode large enough to sit in.

It's odd we didn't find this large geode while exploring, as I've been there perhaps 10 times. Like I've mentioned, it's a real odd place. You see something one time and it's gone the next. Could these large geodes be the main source that activates the natural energy within the area, or just more wild unfounded speculation? On their final trip into this never-never land of mystery, Bill and Mary found the correct hill. After an exhausting climb, they arrived at the site.

Bill found most of what I told him to search for, but the archway eluded them. While searching, Bill and Mary spotted what resembled the two columns off in the distance. Upon arriving where they should have been, both columns had vanished. Was this their imagination, or were the strange forces within the area playing with their minds? After spending the day searching and not witnessing any strange activities except for the vanishing columns, they left arriving at their truck after dark.

While preparing to leave and follow their tracks out to the ranch road, Bill glanced toward the canyon. In the sky above the site, a circular transparent donut-shaped glow was seen resembling the Aurora Borealis. From the inside rim, tiny sparkling particles were observed cascading downward. Taking his digita1 camera, Bill took a picture of the odd display before it vanished.

Later, only the black sky and the moon appeared in the photo. Using a magnifying glass something else could be seen, but it was too faint to make out. Mary refuses to go there anymore. Fact or Fiction? What we have out there is a natural phenomena created accidentally by nature. It alters time, and there's no way to predict when this might occur. The majority of these tricks of time seem to occur during the summer and winter storm season when lots of energy is about.

But others happen during the stillness of the night or on sunny days. Undoubtedly, there will be the skeptics and believers. This is definitely not a hoax or a figment of this writer's imagination. Such a place exists high on a plateau near the Mexican border. Odd things do occur at random within its mysterious boundaries. Can this site alter time? I believe so until proven wrong. Strange activities no doubt still occur near this bewildering location but go unnoticed by human eyes due to its remote proximity to civilization.

I'll no doubt return there again someday. Will this uncanny mystery ever be solved? I believe there's ample evidence to support the claim that something quite unnatural happens at random within this locale. How does that saying go? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Cannabis Main Page Dispensaries. May 15, Deep in the mountains close to the Mexican border, a mysterious place exists where time is altered at random. Top Stories. About The Author. Ron Quinn. Speaking of Investigative. Censored By Camille T. Taiara Sep 9, The Runners-Up Sep 9, Latest in Feature. Comments Add a comment. Subscribe to this thread:.

By Email. Subscribe to this thread. Readers also liked…. Current Issue. February Current Year In the July a family from London were driving along when they almost crashed into a massive dark, long-necked animal that strolled across their path and then disappeared into the water. Similarly, early the next year a young veterinary student was riding his motorcycle along the road when he almost struck a creature.

He said what he 8. Over the years, many people have tried to capture the creature on film. One Nessie witness managed to take a rather inconclusive photograph of something appearing from the water in In a London doctor released a most mysterious photograph of the monster to the public.

It showed a strange head and neck appearing from the water; 60 years later it was revealed to be a fake. Dinsdale himself devoted the rest of his life to finding Nessie. Recent years have also provided new sightings. In June , a couple were on the bank of the loch when they saw a huge, strange creature lolling about in the water.

They said it must have been about feetlong, with a giraffe-like neck and very light brown flesh. Later that same evening, a father and son were on their way home when they spotted something odd in the water. They later told reporters they saw an animal with a neck like a giraffe swimming swiftly away from the shore. Because of the evidence accrued during these two episodes, bookmakers William Hill slashed the odds of there really being a Loch Ness Monster from to Despite over 3, similar sightings by private individuals, Nessie has always been coy about exposing herself to dedicated, scientific research teams.

The Academy of Applied Science from Boston, Massachusetts operated the first extensive expedition in the early s. Using underwater cameras and. That said, Deepscan did report various, unaccounted-for, large sonar echoes moving about in the extreme depths of the loch.

Although these hunts have proved inconclusive, other recent scientific evidence has been more hopeful. This group had already recorded unusual sounds from another mythically monster-infested lake in Norway. The strange noises found in Loch Ness are described as a cross between a snorting horse and a pig eating, closely matching the experiences in Norway. Not only does this suggest there are unknown creatures in both lakes, but they might actually be related.

In recent years, sonar equipment has also discovered huge underwater caverns opening onto the bottom 9. None of these suggestions are completely plausible. Even if the plesiosaur did survive the disaster that wiped out the rest of its fellow prehistoric creatures, it is generally believed to be a cold-blooded animal, and would find the chilly environment of a Scottish lake too cold to survive. If Nessie is really a modern day aquatic mammal like a whale or a seal, then it would constantly have to come to the surface for air, resulting in many more sightings.

One cannot help but feel there might actually be something in the murky depths of Loch Ness. It my also be a large otter, a long-necked seal, a huge eel, or even a giant walrus. However, Nessie seems to bear a much stronger resemblance to a creature now thought to be extinct.

This is called the plesiosaur, a marine dinosaur that has not been found on Earth for over 60 million years. It had large flippers, a small head and a large body, and some experts Webb was convinced it was not part of a whale, and must have been some kind of unknown giant octopus, so he sent letters describing the carcass to many eminent scientists. One such expert was Professor Verrill at the National Museum now called. It is an adage that, over time, is proving more and more relevant. What creatures actually do lurk at the bottom of the sea?

Around the Bahamas and the southeast American coast there are tales of a giant octopus that captures unwary swimmers and small boats. However, no one has ever seen the creature in it natural environment and lived to tell the tale. One evening in November two men were cycling along the coast just outside their hometown of St Augustine, Florida.

As they looked over the beach, they noticed a huge carcass. It was 23 feet long, 18 feet wide, four feet high, and it seemed to have multiple legs. Webb photographed the body, noting it was a silvery pink colour, and took samples. Webb recorded that the skin was axe-proof, being three and a half inches thick. He also estimated that the body weighed around six or seven tonnes. It needed four horses and a whole team of people from the local E. Verrill stated that the creature was actually a squid.

When Webb sent him more information, he changed his mind and said it was an octopus. Verrill suggested it probably had tentacles around feet long. Verrill refused to see the dead creature in person, or indeed to provide any funds or resources to help preserve the sea monster.

At long last, Webb had been proved right. In recent years other examples of huge, previously unknown, sea creatures have been discovered. Tales of giant squid have been told through the ages, but it is only in the last century that accurate and scientific details have been truly kept.

Even in this day and age, some bizarre stories still have crop up. French fishermen have recently been attacked by one multi-legged sea creature, and marine biologists are constantly finding remains of squid which out-size the previously known largest. At the moment, the biggest giant squid find happened in April when a colossal squid was found in Antarctic waters.

The example found was still immature, but had an overall length of around 50 feet. Octopi by comparison, are small fry, and the biggest, caught in March , only measured 13 feet. So the beast at St. Augustine is still a truly unexplained phenomenon. Finally, he changed his mind again after receiving tissue samples, and said the body was probably just the head of a sperm whale. Webb was disappointed and preserved as many samples of the creature as he could. Eventually the corpse was retaken by the sea.

Over fifty years later, two marine biologists, Dr F. Wood and Dr J. Gennaro Jr. They applied to the Smithsonian and took samples from the original specimens Webb had sent Verrill. The legend said that it was a giant octopus, with arms seventy-five feet long, that lived in great deep blue holes in the sea floor. By looking at the samples, Wood and Gennaro were able to deduce that the body was indeed that of an.

This giant worm, measuring up to four feet long, can kill people instantly. How it does it, no one knows. Some believe it spits a lethal toxin, others say it emits a massive electrical charge. However it kills, it does so quickly and can do it from a distance. Mothman control until , very little was known about the Deathworm in the West. Ivan Mackerle, one of the leading Loch Ness Monster detectives, studied the region and interviewed many Mongolian people about the worm.

Due to the sheer volume of sightings and strange deaths, he came to the conclusion that the Deathworm was more than just legend. Nobody is entirely sure what the worm actually is. Experts are certain it is not a real worm because the Gobi desert is too hot an area for annelids to survive. Some have suggested it might be a skink, but they have little legs and scaly skin whereas witness accounts specify the worm is limb-less and smooth bodied.

The most probable explanation is that it is a type of venomous snake. Mongolian Nomads believe the giant worm covers its prey with an acidic substance that turns everything a corroded yellow colour. Legend says that as the creature begins to attack it raises half its body out of the sand and starts to inflate until it explodes, releasing the lethal poison all over the unfortunate victim. The poison is so venomous that the prey dies instantly. Because Mongolia had been under Soviet.

It was not until three days later that the creature really terrified the community with a close encounter. A seven-foot-tall, well built, humanoid monster with giant red, glowing eyes and huge brown wings, a creature who can ascend to the skies from a standing position, and fly at astonishing speeds, and who mutilates pets and instils instant fear in the hearts of all those who see him.

Car passengers had experienced the creature swooping down on them, and the reception on television and radio sets were being disrupted across the region. One man whose television failed lived in Salom, 90 miles from Point Pleasant. At the exact moment his television stopped working, his dog whined from the porch. The man went outside to investigate and spotted two red, glowing lights in his hay barn, at which point his dog ran off. The man, stricken with fear, returned to his house, locked all the doors and windows.

That night, he slept with his gun next to him. His dog was never seen again. Perhaps the most chilling story concerning Mothman happened on 16th November A young mother was driving to see some friends, who had one of the few houses close to the TNT compound. Late in the evening, the two couples approached an old generator plant and saw that its door appeared to have been ripped off.

It was then that they noticed two huge red eyes shining out of the gloom at them. As the creature approached, the young group sped off, but as they looked back they saw it take to the air, rising straight up without flapping its wings.

It had a giant 10foot wingspan, and kept pace with the car despite the vehicle reaching speeds of miles an hour. Eventually the group reached the Point Pleasant city limits, where their aerial pursuer turned away and disappeared. The couples drove straight to the local police station and reported what they had seen. Although local police found nothing at TNT, they accepted the young people had seen something. It rose up slowly from the ground. A big grey thing.

Horrified, she grabbed her small daughter and ran into the house, locking the doors behind her. The creature followed, The Ogopogo creeping onto the porch and staring in the windows. The police were called, but by the time they arrived, Mothman had disappeared.

Over the next year, Mothman was seen by many witnesses including firemen and pilots. At Silver Bridge linking Point Pleasant to Ohio suddenly collapsed, 46 people died as a result, and the residents of Point Pleasant were forced to deal with real horror rather than mythical beasts. The crime the creature committed is hard to say, although there are stories of it seizing and murdering helpless native people out on the lake.

It cannot be denied that the Ogopogo is a serial offender at causing civil unrest. Lake Okanegan is in British Columbia, Canada. It is around miles long and has areas almost feet deep. They said the beast had a cave dwelling near the middle of the lake, and they would often make sacrifices to please the monster.

From the mid s white immigrants started seeing strange phenomena in the lake. One of the first stories told of a man crossing the lake with his two tethered horses swimming behind. Some strange force pulled the animals under, and the man only saved himself by cutting the horses loose. Witnesses say the creature is anything up to 50 feet long, with green skin, several humps and a huge horse-like head. Some people have managed to closely view it as it ate water vegetation; they said the Ogopogo also had small feet or fins.

Most sightings have come from around the city of Kelowna, near the centre of the lake, and many monster watchers now agree that it seems to live in the area originally indicated in native legend. Many witnesses described the beast as like an ape standing upright, seven feet tall and covered in light brown hair. One witness said it had the scent of a skunk that had just been rolling around inside a dustbin lorry. After the initial flurry of sightings, the Skunk Ape phenomenon waned.

Some pictures, footprint casts and hair samples were collected, but appearances of the Skunk Ape came to an abrupt halt. This urban myth said that the creature escaped by smashing through a concrete wall and returned to his swampland home. Some Skunk Ape watchers believe he has taken up residence at the Big Cypress National Preserve, but none of the 70 rangers who patrol the area have ever seen him. In the last few years however, new sightings have appeared in Ochapee, Florida. A group of tourists who were being shown round the Everglades saw a large ape-like creature moving around the edge of a nearby swamp.

Later it was seen crossing the road outside the house of a local fire chief. The photo does show a large brown, hirsute monster, but even the man who took the photograph says he thinks the creature could well be a man in an ape-suit. With confidence like that from first-hand witnesses, what hope is there that the Skunk Ape really exists? One farmer heard rustling in his garden one night. In real physical evidence was recovered, when fishermen from Springsville, a nearby town, found a large unidentified skull with a five-inch tusk on the jaw.

The next year the Salt Lake Herald even revealed that the monster had been caught, but what happened to the body of the captured creature is unknown. In two local men were out fishing on Bear Lake when they saw the monster rise from the water.

They said they managed to hit the beast with shots from their rifles, but the beast just swam away. A wagon train captain called William Bridge said in that he had also seen the Bear Lake beast. Bridge reported that the creature had been about 20 yards from shore when it surfaced from the water.

Bridge also described it as having a flat face with large eyes, prominent ears and a four or five-feet-long neck. Two prominent local citizens, Brigham Young and Phineas Cook, hatched a plan which involved little more than a giant fishing line. They linked a feet-long, one-inch-thick rope to a large. By the time pilgrim settlers started to arrive, local tribes told tales of a giant water lizard, thirty feet long, with large ears and a mouth that would swallow men whole.

Local natives said the great serpents had disappeared in the s, but by the s white settlers were reporting incidents involving huge, terrifying, scaly creatures. The Utah and Bear Lakes in the north have had most sightings of these monsters; indeed, the description witnesses provide suggest these lakes each have one of a pair of twin water-dragons. One of the first appearances of these creatures was in when a local man, Henry Walker, was in the Utah Lake.

He reported seeing something that looked like a giant snake, but with the head of a greyhound, which frightened him so much he fled the water. Over the years, there were frequent accounts of reputable people, including local priests, meeting the beasts. In the late s the idea of hunting down the monsters gained favour.

Young local men tried shooting at them. The account was widely regarded to be so detailed and accurate that only the most ardent sceptic could doubt it. But some still do question the truth of the Utah Lakes monsters. Robert Carter said he actually believed the monster was a species of giant bug — humbug.

The position of the rope was marked by a buoy floating on the lake surface. Although the trap was often robbed of meat, no monster was ever caught. Lake monster sightings had fallen away drastically by the end of the nineteenth century. There was one sighting of the Utah Lake creature in , which marked a limited resurgence in interest, but then the whole area once again quietened down. Since then, one of the few reliable reports was in. He was shocked at what he saw.

A monster with the skin of an elephant, four or five feet wide by twelve feet long, with the face of a catfish, was lolling on the surface of the water. Bateman felt this beast was a threat to his crops, and applied to local officials to blow up the eddy with TNT. The authorities refused permission, and by then hundreds of people had heard of the phenomenon. They came from as far away as California, some with cameras, some with explosives; one man reportedly brought a machine gun.

As people lost interest in the beast, Bateman felt he was being accused of creating a hoax although there had been over confirmed sightings recorded during the short period of excitement. Whitey was forgotten, but he made a. But this has not always been the case — originally locals wanted to dynamite the monster. He then reappeared in , but it was only in the first week of July that he really made a splash.

Men fishing in the White River, a tributary of the great Mississippi, noticed that they were finding it hard to land many fish. One day they spotted a strange creature in an eddy, and reported it to the local plantation owner, Bramlett Bateman. The White River Monster sighting came in late July when two people out fishing claimed their boat was rocked by what they believed was the monster. Media coverage killed off sightings of Whitey, and in February the Arkansas Senate passed its resolution to protect the beast.

From the accounts witnesses have provided, some experts believe Whitey may be a lost elephant seal. They can be immense creatures, up to twenty feet long, and the descriptions of noise, skin and forehead horn would all fit correctly. It is also known that the elephant seal migrates seven thousand miles each year so it may just be off-course. However, the nearest seal colony lies on the west coast of America, so it would have to come through the Panama Canal to reach the White River.

Also, elephant seals only live for around fifteen years, so no single animal could possibly account for sightings over almost a century. Whatever Whitey is, he can be assured of a warm, if not explosive, welcome the next time he pops up in Arkansas. A man was fishing with two friends when suddenly a great fountain of water spurted in front of them and a creature with a feet-long spikey back was seen to surface and then disappear beneath the water.

The man managed to take a photograph of the beast, which he sold to the Newport Daily Independent newspaper. People who saw the picture were unimpressed by its clarity and the newspaper has since lost the original copy. However, numerous other witnesses saw a long, grey creature surfacing in the water of the White River. Some said it was the length of a boxcar, that its smooth flesh looked as if it was peeling.

A trail of peculiar 14 inch tracks were found on the nearby Towhead Island, and a CBS news team was duly despatched to report on the area. The last reported. By the time the explorers reached the site, the only signs of life were large, unusual, human-like footprints. This final animal is the most enigmatic. It is described as being between five and six feet tall, with reddish hair, long hanging arms, a conical, pointed head and a human face.

In a Greek photographer called N. Tombazi was on expedition in the Himalayas when one of his Sherpa guides pointed at a figure in the distance. Tombazi said the creature stood upright, just like a human, and was pulling at some rhododendron bushes. The beast disappeared before Tombazi could capture it on film, but the party headed over to the area where it had been viewed and found footprints strangely N.

During the following years, there were many reports of odd tracks in the snow. They were trying to plot the best route up the mountain when they came upon a set of fresh, unusual footprints. Shipton and Ward took photographs of the 13 by inch prints, and followed the trail before it eventually disappeared. Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, the two most celebrated visitors to Everest, actually found giant footprints on their way to the summit in This was particularly interesting Yeti girl and her yaks, killing a couple of her animals.

Then, in March , Tony Woodbridge, a British physicist doing a sponsored solo run around the Himalayas, had a remarkable face-to-face meeting with the monster. Woodbridge had seen tracks earlier in the day, but thought no more about it until he heard a crashing sound like an avalanche. Further up the trail, snow had indeed fallen, creating a giant impenetrable frozen wall. Strangely, it looked as if something had slid down the snow. Woodbridge followed prints at the bottom of the mound, and metres away he spotted a large, hairy, powerfully built creature standing stockstill.

The beast did not move an inch, and Woodbridge was lucky enough to have his. But many experts felt Hillary had rather rushed to his conclusions. Doig agreed that they had not encountered a Yeti, but neither had they seen a snow leopard, which undoubtedly exists. This failed expedition killed off much interest in the Yeti, but over the years more unusual footprints were found. In one of the creatures reportedly attacked a Sherpa. Some species of wild cattle and jungle deer have only been discovered in the last ten years.

It is possible that Yeti-like creatures, descended from prehistoric apes could be roaming parts of the world completely undiscovered. Whatever the scientists and experts prove, Sherpas have already accepted the belief that up in their mountains they are not alone.

Even if episodes like this do nothing to convince sceptics, many experts agree that the idea of an unknown species of ape is not. Abductions during the hypnosis, but it seems the aliens perform a series of tests and a recurring theme is that they do extensive sexual experiments on their subject. Some even report having tracking devices or other equipment implanted under their skin.

The human is returned to wherever they were picked up, often remembering absolutely nothing. Consequently they are left in a state of perplexion as they realise a number of unaccountable hours have passed. The physical effects are said to be striking. Many people are bruised all over their bodies, and suffer painful headaches the next morning.

Abductees often have terrible nosebleeds and bizarre but small puncture wounds at points on their skin. They are also said to pass strange urine the next morning. Female abduction victims are particularly prone to suffering sexual pains.

In all cases, an extreme sense of fatigue is felt. The psychological results are often even more extreme. Some people feel as if they love the aliens and have been enriched by contact. These abductees believe the visitors have come to warn us and help Mankind protect the planet. But these types of experiences are in the minority. Many feel a sense of violation and despair, very similar to rape victims.

Often it is mixed with confusion, disbelief and a sense of possible insanity. Many abduction victims need counselling to regain some sense of stability and, in cases of extreme trauma, have been known to commit suicide. However, many researchers wonder if abduction memories are themselves caused by psychological problems, rather than the reverse. However, the stories which occur all follow broadly similar lines.

Generally, the abductor feels compelled, or is forced, to go into an alien space-craft where they encounter the visitors. These are often described as being small, grey figures with large black eyes and a hairless body. They are frequently reported as having large skulls and they communicate with their human captive using telepathy.

The message sent to the man or woman tells them not to be scared, that they will not be harmed. The candidate is scanned, or examined, and then placed on an operating table. This part of the abduction is often a blur, even.

Ancient Astronauts any craft visited by humans. However there are also a few examples featuring extremely disturbing physical evidence. One is where a pregnant woman was abducted by aliens who removed her foetus. Although she had previously gone for an ultrasound that had confirmed her unborn children was present and doing fine, when she went to the doctors afterwards, it had simply disappeared.

The second example involves people who have actually found alien implants in their body. If these stories are true, there can be no denying that alien meetings leave physical scars on the victim. The reported evidence on the bodies of abductees is hard to dismiss, and if an implant is ever officially removed and studied, it could act as conclusive proof. Until then, many scientists are going to be sceptical that this phenomenon is nothing more that the product of imaginations easily prone to fantasy.

The first time alien abductions entered the public consciousness was in September when Barney and Betty Hill were reportedly captured by strange beings. The Hills gave an account under hypnosis a few years later that revealed all manner of strange experiments had been performed on them. Betty had seen the aliens inserted a probe into her belly button, and Barney claims he was forced to provide a sample of his sperm.

This factor is one that repeatedly features in abduction stories. The descriptions of aliens and their craft are often identical to stereotypical, s style cosmic invaders. No details have been revealed which could not have been derived from the imagination of a comic book writer. Similarly, no souvenirs have been brought back from the. Such a theory encompasses countless tales of ancient, now lost, races. Daniken was born on 14th April in.

Gilbert and Bauval realised that the three pyramids at Giza correlate exactly with the three belt stars of Orion. Subsequent study using the theory has apparently discovered other ancient structures in areas of Egypt that correspond to points of the Orion constellation. The Orion Theory suggests that the alien visitors originated from a planet in the Orion constellation. The Sha constellation is what we call Orion. In reality, this has undermined the integrity of the whole subject.

Chariots of the Gods? Since then, he has written nearly 30 books and sold 60 million copies of his work. He enjoys a life of travel, lecturing across the world and appearing on television programmes talking abut his theories. He is responsible for inspiring a major science-fiction television series entitled Chariots of the Gods, and in the summer of he opened his very own Mysteries of the World theme park.

Perhaps the mystery in this story is nothing to do with aliens and ancient civilisations, but with how one man created an enormous industry and following based on a theory with dubious foundations? Zofingen, Switzerland.

At school he was fascinated by ancient holy writings, but it was during his time managing a Swiss hotel that he wrote his first and most famous book, Chariots of the Gods?. The book looked at evidence to support a theory that prehistoric Man did not have the abilities to create his own civilisations.

By carefully choosing data from religious, historical, scientific, biological, mythical and even some downright fictional sources, Daniken created a compelling argument. But many other experts have since had to question his assertions. He claimed that the Ark of the Covenant was made as a large electric capacitor, when in fact its design is utterly impractical. Famously, he stated that the fabled Nazca lines are runways for alien spacecraft, but did not consider the other options: for example, that they might have something to do with native Nazcan culture.

The ancient pots had pictures of UFOs painted in their sides, but a television documentary team found the potter who created the artefacts. When Daniken was confronted with proof of his fraud, he replied that it was allowed because some people will irrationally refuse to believe an argument unless they see tangible evidence.

Since then, rival or complementary theories about similar subjects have appeared. Nevada desert lies a military base that is surrounded by so much official secrecy that the US government has even refused to acknowledge it exists. The base was built by the CIA and all pilots, ground crews and the staff have to retire from their original military departments and join the agency before taking residency on site.

As a CIA installation it operates independently of other government departments. To this day, signs at the entrance warn all visitors that they have no constitutional rights on site, and armed units guard the perimeter. This is Area Built in the s around the Groom Lake Air Force base, and next to the Nevada atomic test range, Area 51 was a perfect site to carry out classified aircraft tests. It had a large flat surface perfect for laying runways, few local residents, and a highly unattractive reputation to new settlers due to the nearby nuclear pollution.

Initially it was built purely for testing the U2 spy plane, but the programme was such a success that all the United States secret aircraft were experimentally flown there. The base grew in size, creating its own small community and the landing strip was increased to three miles long. Many people believe these technologies are, quite literally, from a different planet, and the base is actually a test zone and hiding site for alien aircraft.

At night, strange lights. More in-depth knowledge of operations there have come through one man, Bob Lazar. In later conversations Lazar revealed that he and other scientists were employed to pull an alien aircraft apart and see if they could manufacture it using manmade components. As part of their work, the scientists were informed about the role of aliens in the history of the Earth, and on one occasion Lazar even claims to have briefly seen at first-hand, a real, live alien at S4.

Many experts suggest the area is a secret dumping ground for toxic substances, rather than a UFO base. In either case, the workers are sworn to secrecy, and cannot reveal details about what they have been handling to their doctors. This has led to their wives launching court proceedings against the US government, who have traditionally refuted the allegations on the grounds that Area 51 does not officially exist. But Bush also said that the site was exempt from environmental disclosure requirements, so the widows are still fighting their case.

But at least we now know the place is not just a figment of our imaginations. Over time, Lazar says he decided to rebel against his employers. In the evening of 22nd March he and a friend went out to the Groom Lake road and watched a flying disc test flight. The following week Lazar, his friend and three others visited the same area. The disc they witnessed glowed extremely brightly, and flew so close that they felt they had to move backwards. The following week, on the way back home from another UFO-spotting trip, the group were seen and stopped by base security patrolling the outlying area.

He has subsequently revealed that nine discs are said to be held at S4. Some of the unsettling things that go on at the base are more real than others. He said that he and the co-pilot had seen two bright white lights to the left, which gradually separated and approached the DC The lights seemed to change in colour and intensity, and they turned into two distinct beams, pointing in a V-shape.

It remained close to the DC-8 for a couple more minutes, and then disappeared behind. On one flight in the s the passengers on a British Airways jet had a very lighthearted encounter with a UFO. The plane was flying just south of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, when the Captain heard air traffic control issuing a warning about a strange object in the skies near their flightpath.

The crew of the BA flight saw a bright light in the distance, and a cigar-shaped craft soon appeared close-by. Captain Clarence S. Chiles and Pilot John B. The plane was travelling at an altitude of 5, feet when both men noticed a strange aerial vehicle approaching their aircraft.

They said it appeared to be cigarshaped, feet long, and travelling at around miles an hour. They managed to make out two rows of windows along its side, which glowed bright white, and a blue light underneath. It had no wings and its trail rocked the DC-3 as it blasted off.

On the other side of the border, in Canada, pilots did not have to follow such regulations. In a Canadian Pacific DC-8 was flying at a height of 35, feet from Peru to Mexico City when the crew witnessed something very odd. The Captain, Roger Millbank, was so certain of what he and his staff had seen that he filed an official. Government Knowledge In recent years, other similar incidents have occurred.

Later the co-pilot said he had seen a very clear bright light and the captain filed an official report claiming a fighter-sized aeroplane had passed within a 50 metre distance of the aircraft. Aviation, military and police authorities found no explanation for the incident, however they say that no matter how safe air travel is, accidents sometimes do happen.

In November , a rather more unpleasant episode befell the pilot flying a Spanish charter plane from Ibiza to the Spanish mainland. At an altitude of 24, feet a strange subject almost collided with the airliner. The pilot saw a bright red object, seemingly on a collision course with his vessel, and began an emergency dive to avoid it. The UFO continued to buzz round the airliner, and in the end two fighter jets were sent to intercept the object.

The whole incident was witnessed on radar screens and by countless people watching from the earth below. A similar occurrence happened in the same area exactly one year later. The pilot of an Iberian Airways jet flying at 31, feet suddenly saw an immense green bubble in his flight-path.

The phenomenon was witnessed by six other commercial airlines in the vicinity, and some reports said it even swooped down on Barcelona Airport. Other theories propose that extraterrestrial beings are allegedly abducting law abiding US citizens in return for technological secrets.

But what do our governments really know about UFOs? That is because they are no longer called UFOs. In the present age, such phenomenon are called Uncorrelated Targets, or UCTs for earthbound unidentified air-based incidents. The US military rarely. On one occasion, bystanders saw two F jets actually enter another massive flying triangular craft. Were the war planes destroyed or were they co-operating in joint manoeuvres with the unknown vessel? Certainly some conspiracy theorists have suggested that the United States government actually has a close relationship with alien visitors, and provides them with ground bases.

One of the areas is said to be. Despite impressive proof or terrifying witness accounts, the authorities at the Ministry of Defence continually rule that each incident has no importance to national security. At least that is the public position, and what happens behind the scenes is unknown. One of the problems British investigators have when searching for old files like this is that the various ministries and departments involved are quite adept at being secretive.

United States officials, on the other hand, are supposed to be more open. The American Constitution and Freedom of Information Act is designed to let the public know what is actually happening. In recent years a ruling changing the classification status of documents has meant many of these reports will finally be put in the public domain.

One cannot help but feel that any truly amazing official papers that may cause public hysteria will be suppressed. Are national governments hiding the truth from their people, or is there really nothing to report? It is a question to which we may never have a definite answer. Officially, there is also no central department dealing with the issue, although many investigators consider this to be a fallacy.

In reality, Blue Book only reported cases that were guaranteed to be found as hoaxes or mistaken identity. One of the experts who worked as a scientific consultant on the project was Josef Allan Hynek, an astrophysicist and sceptic.

He revealed that any sightings reported by people under 18 years of age were automatically ignored, and other incidents would only be published if they could be rationalised. In total, Blue Book investigated 15, reports of UFOs, many of them still not explained, and Hynek himself experienced something of a conversion. Britain has its own group of people similar to Hynek.

Nick Pope was a civil servant who worked for the Ministry of Defence. His role was to respond to questions from the public about UFOs. During the course of his work, he uncovered enough fascinating information to write his own books about unexplained phenomenon. Other investigators believe what Pope has been privy too is merely the tip of the iceberg, and some. Other developments in the quest to find life on Mars have also thrown up some fascinating results.

A meteorite from Mars was found in Antarctica in and the NASA scientists who studied it found it contained evidence that bacterial life may actually exist, or have existed, on the planet. The space rock contained hydrocarbons, which are the natural waste products of dead micro-organisms, mineral structures consistent with bacterial activity and tiny globules of carbonate, which may be microfossils.

Another recent discovery was published when data found by the Pathfinder mission to Mars suggested there might be chlorophyll in its soil. Pathfinder touched down in the Ares Vallis region of the planet in July , and took many pictures and readings from the area in which it landed.

Some of the pictures it took revealed that two areas close to the landing site may have contained chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a substance used by plants and other organisms to extract energy from sunlight. It is an important component of life on our planet, a very stark indicator that there may be life on another planet too. The most important ingredient for life is. The suggestion that intelligent life forms live so close to Earth is now too implausible for fiction.

But as we learn more about the universe, so our intelligence contradicts old, established beliefs. Can it be true that conventional wisdom is wrong? In , Viking Orbiter 1 was sent to scan the surface of Mars. However, many enthusiasts believed that close scrutiny of the photographs proved that some formations were artificial, rather than naturally created. Some people stated that the face was the design of an intelligent life form, and some believed that triangular-shaped hills near the face were actually pyramids.

In and the Mars Global Surveyor took more photographs of the Cydonia region. Map of Mars. American President George Bush certainly seems to share in this opinion, and his budget announcements have all favoured putting some money into space research, particularly on Mars. This money should prove to be highly beneficial for the Mars projects, for, as each new study seems to throw up more potential questions, it may well take nothing less than a manned mission to Mars to finally put the mystery to rest.

It had generally been assumed that there was little easily available water on the surface of Mars, and most of that was frozen solid. However, recent studies have suggested that the surface is actually just a covering over a permafrost layer. NASA and Russian scientists have looked at the examples of life found in permafrost regions of Earth, and believe similar organisms may lurk somewhere on Mars. Other experts who have studied the surface of the planet have noted how similar it is to former, now driedup, river, lake and ocean areas on Earth.

It all suggests that water was in abundance at some time on Mars. A large dark car seemed to be parked outside their house in New Jersey City, with a strange man inside constantly watching them. One day Mary went out and noticed their friend James Moseley making a spectacle of himself further up the street.

She thought this was very strange, but went inside to make a drink for him, thinking he was there to visit them. But then the phone rang. To her surprise it was Moseley, not on a street corner in New Jersey City, but at his home in Manhattan. In recent years, more incidents have been reported. Four days later he had a knock at the door and outside stood two strange men, dressed in dark grey suits and long coats.

This man was said to be very tall, deathly pale but with bright red lips, and spoke in a very unusual, almost automated, way. He repeatedly asked to come in but Shearer refused and the men finally said they would come back later. A month later, Shearer was at work when two men appeared.

One was the visitor who had stood by the car at the housecall, the other was a different man. They were both dressed in suits with hats, and they told him they wanted to talk about his UFO experience. They gave him exact details of the incident, details that Shearer felt only he should know, and were forceful in their.

Two US harbour patrolmen, Harold A. Dahl and Fred L. Dahl said that a man dressed in black visited him shortly after the sighting and forcefully advised him not to discuss the incident further. In the early hours of 25th July, , Rossi was fishing in the River Serchio when he witnessed a strange circular craft hovering over the river. Rossi hid, watching the craft as it passed over him, and then sped away. In the following weeks he told no-one about what he had seen, but on 15th September he found a stranger dressed in a dark blue suit waiting for him by the river.

The stranger spoke Italian, but with an odd Scandinavian accent, and had very strange facial features. The man forcefully asked Rossi about what he had seen, but Rossi denied everything. He began to receive visits from strange men, and received phone calls warning him not to attend upcoming UFO conventions or speak to independent investigators.

A bizarre aspect of this case was that the three visitors Smyth described were apparently the men he had been told to avoid — the UFO enthusiasts John Keel, Gray Barker and James Moseley. What made this even more odd was that these three men were actually. In most cases, they claim to be from the CIA or intelligence agencies, and there is a theory that these organisations have been happy to assume such identities in recent years as a readymade method of intimidation.

The other option is, of course, that they are from a secret department of government intelligence, trying to control UFO and alienrelated sightings. Shearer asked to see their ID, but the men just kept repeating a formulaic set of questions. In the end, Shearer refused to let them into his place of work and the two men disappeared.

However, since then, he has reported blatant tapping activity when using his telephone. Although no one can be absolutely certain, one theory is that these strange visitors are UFO investigators who belong to a research group that has standardised their visiting uniform.

Others say they are actually aliens. The discovery sparked an interest and a study that continues to this day: people wanted to know why they were there, and what they meant. The pictures themselves were created using the gravel, soil and distinctly coloured undercrust. Because the area experiences less than an inch of rainfall each year, and the effect of the wind on the surface is minimal, the shapes have been preserved over centuries.

There are over outlines of. Down on the arid, dry plateau of the Nazca desert, which is about miles south of Lima and covers an area of approximately square miles, was a plethora of massive markings, many in the shape of people and animals, although there were also hundreds of crisscrossing, randomly spaced lines. Locals had always known of the strange marks found on N THE. After a lifetime of study and fascination, Reiche died and was buried in the Nazca valley in During the s, writers such as Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier, and Erich von Daniken famously promoted ideas that the lines were runways or landing strip for alien visitors.

Other theories suggest they are an astronomical calendar; that they were used for religious ceremonies; or that they indicated underground sources of water. One expert believes that, before the invention of weaving tools, the lines had men standing along them holding thread, in a version of a giant human loom. But exactly why the images were designed to be viewed from the air has never really been addressed.

One quite astonishing theory is that the Nazca people were the original human aviators, and had developed the first rudimentary hot air balloon. Our understanding of the Nazcan culture has developed with archaeological discoveries, but today the fate of the lines is in serious jeopardy. In recent years, political and advertising agencies have graffitied slogans on the patterns, whilst a recent surge in gold and copper mining in the area is defacing the designs with industrial activities and heavy traffic movements.

The expanding local population needs a higher level of basic amenities, which has meant utility providers are now running cables and pipes over the site. Countless straight lines form squares, triangles, trapezoids and all manner of strange angles.

They seem to run in random directions and to random lengths — one even stretches for nine miles along the desert floor. Over 3, years ago the area was inhabited by a race called the Nazca, who had developed proficient techniques in pottery, weaving and architecture. They created highly effective irrigation systems and successfully grew crops in a harsh environment.

A nearby city called Cahauchi, just south of the lines, was recently discovered as being the probable home of the Nazcan line drawers. Experts were able to deduce that the majority of Nazcan people fled the city after a series of natural disasters, with the few native people who remained being exiled or killed by Spanish conquistadors.

But why would a race want to draw pictures that could only be appreciated from the sky? Perhaps the most celebrated theory was the one advanced by Dr Maria Reiche. She tried to prove that the lines correlated to important stars rising in the heavens, and the symbols of animals were actually native representations of star constellations. But her views were not universally supported due to the very fact that the lines cannot be dated.

It was designed using a series of circles with lines radiating out from them. Ancient charts of this type were widespread, and Columbus is said to have used one when he set off to find the Americas. Many Piri Reis Map enthusiasts believe the level of geographical detail and mathematical knowledge needed to create the map was far beyond the reach of navigators from the sixteenth or earlier centuries.

Indeed, experts at the United States Air Force in the s found the map so accurate they used it to replace false information on their own charts. Some people believe the map could only have been achieved with the help of aerial surveys, and suggest alien creatures mapped the planet thousands of years ago, leaving their results behind to be copied by Mankind.

Antarctica was discovered in , and the actual land of the continent was only mapped in by a combined British and Scandinavian project that had to use modern equipment to see the land underneath the mile-deep icecap. The theory put forward to compensate for this is that an ancient race using advanced, but now. Imprinted on an old Gazelle skin dated they uncovered a segment of an amazing map.

The chart seemed to depict part of the Atlantic Ocean and included the Americas and Antarctica in perfect detail. Over the years since the find, debate has raged about how the cartographer had assimilated his knowledge. The map came to be named after its creator — Piri Reis. On his travels, he had collected all manner of charts, sketches, drawings and diagrams of coastlines and lands in the known world.

In , using an exhaustive list of source charts and data, he drew his first world map, which is what we now recognise as the Piri Reis Map. He is known to have compiled another, quite different, global study in and continued to enjoy a distinguished military career until , aged almost 90, when he was beheaded by the Ottoman Sultan. The segment of the map that still exists is only a portion of the original, and shows the Atlantic Ocean from the west coast of Africa, to the east coast of South America, to the north coast of Antarctica in the south.

The Falkland Islands are placed at the correct latitude, despite not being discovered until , and the unknown Andes mountain range was included on the map of America. Similarly, Greenland was shown as three separate islands, a fact only discovered this century. So the debate continues. Did Piri Reis just strike lucky with cartographic guesswork? Or did the Turkish admiral have access to charts and maps created by an advanced race, living on the planet thousands of years ago?

Similarly, many cartography experts claim the accuracy of the portolan system of map drawing is more in the eye of the beholder, and many maps of this time included imaginary continents in the south Atlantic. But there are still some. Not only did Halt write and submit the official report, he was also a first-hand witness at the second of the two strange happenings. His memo, sent to the British Ministry of Defence, was released by the US authorities under the American Freedom of Information Act in , after rumours about a period of bizarre incidents at the site begun to circulate among UFO enthusiasts.

The subsequent publication of sensational stories about Rendlesham appeared in tabloid newspapers, and the continued silence by British authorities meant many believed something odd did occur. So what did happen around the Rendlesham Forest in December ? He wrote that two perimeter security patrolmen saw a strange light outside the back gate of RAF Woodbridge, which they thought may have been a crashed aircraft. They called their commanders for permission to investigate, and three patrolmen went to search the nearby land on foot.

These three military guards reported viewing a bizarre glowing subject in the forest which appeared to be made of a metallic substance. It was triangular in shape, two to three metres wide and about two metres high. It was said to light the whole forest with a bright white beam. It had a red light as its peak, blue lights along its base, and seemed to hover or stand on legs. As the Air Force. One island called Orford Ness, just off the coast of Suffolk, was the site of many still unrevealed chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological weapons experiments during the s, 50s and 60s — and as a matter of interest has an imposing lighthouse.

It was reported that at the height of the Cold War these cojoined airbases housed the most nuclear weapons outside the Soviet Union. This important and serious tactical presence meant the bases were fiercely guarded and were hidden in a thick ring of woodland known as Rendlesham Forest. In December , two strange events, which were witnessed by some of the forces stationed at the bases, occurred in this forest and would go down in history as one of the most fascinating UFO cases ever recorded.

The unique aspect about the Rendlesham forest incident is that within three years of it happening, the public had proof of official, military documents detailing the events that were witnessed. The witnesses were not simple country folk, lunatics or publicityseekers, they were trained, professional US Air Force personnel. Indeed, the most famous name connected with the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, was the. Many investigators believe the events themselves were nothing more than the result of misunderstandings and visual illusions.

The initial cause of the supposed UFO sighting may have been an exceptionally bright meteor that appeared over southern England just before 3am on 26th December. It has been suggested that the subsequent triangular, metallic object was in fact a tractor, seen from a distance with its night lights switched on.

Many investigators believe the bizarre beam of white light see illuminating the forest was actually caused by the Orford Ness lighthouse.


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From suspicious deaths to scientific paradoxes to paranormal reports, if there are lingering questions, Unexplained Mysteries tells the story. Every Tuesday and. It is a list of (mostly) Ask Reddit mystery threads, with a mix of paranormal, true crime, personal mysteries, unexplained phenomenon ect. The first human settlement at the future site of Teotihuacan was around BCE. and those who remained likely spread to other Mesoamerican civilizations, gradually losing any. Strange Unexplained Mysteries of World Facts. Over many years, the tales of Sasquatch spread and on 4th July , the Daily William Hill slashed the odds of there really being a Loch Ness Monster from to