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The results of thisresearch indicate that 1 the growth of working capital financing, investment and consumptionin Islamic commercial banking simultaneously the effect on the GRDP growth in West Kalimantan. Partially, on the financing of investment and consumption variables there aresignificant positive effect on GRDP growth West Kalimantan.

However, variable financing forworking capital of individual negative and not significant. The value of the coefficient of determination Adjusted R2 of 0. While the rest influenced by other variables not included in thisstudy.

Full Text Available This study aims to analyze the impact of government expenditures, gender gap and per capita income on the education and income inequalities of regencies and cities in West Kalimantan Province. This research used secondary data in a form of data panel. These data include time series data for 5 years — and cross-section data for 14 regencies and cities in West Kalimantan Province.

The results showed that the government expenditures and per capita income have significant negative effect on the education inequality. In contrary, gender gap give insignificant positive effect on the education inequality. Furthermore, the education inequality has a significant positive effect on the income inequality. Disturbed soil and vegetation caused by logging operation is difficult to be avoided, even in good logging operation. Past studies related to this problem.

However, because of the weakness of goverment control activity, most of the companies were looking for financial benefit only and neglect the sustainability of the forest. The aim of this study Petrology of the Indian Eucrite Piplia Kalan. Buchanan, Paul C. Piplia Kalan is an equilibrated eucrite consisting of vol. Very fine-grained clasts lithology C also occur and originally were hypocrystalline in texture.

The variety of materials represented in Piplia Kalan suggests cooling histories ranging from quenching or fast crystallization to slower crystallization. Despite textural differences, clasts and matrix have similar mineral and bulk compositions.

Piplia Kalan is probably best classified as a genomict breccia that could represent fragments of a single lava flow or shallow intrusive body, including fine-grained or glassy outer margin and more slowly cooled coarser-grained interior.

Piplia Kalan displays evidence of an early shock event, including brecciated matrix and areas of lithic clasts that contain fine-grained, equigranular pyroxene between deformed feldspar laths. The meteorite also displays evidence of at least one episode of thermal metamorphism: hypocrystalline materials are recrystallized to hornfelsic textures and the matrix has a nonporous texture similar to those of eucrites that were affected by post-brecciation heating.

Veins of brown glass transect both lithic clasts and brecciated matrix and indicate a second, post-metamorphism shock event. Bauhinia Pottsii G. Bauhinia is one of the largest genus in Caesalpiniaceae family and distributed in all tropical area. One among species of Bauhinia is Bauhinia pottsii G. It was recorded that one specimen was originated from East Kalimantan and collected in Geology and uranium mineralization in Sarana sector, Kalan , West Kalimantan based on drilling data. Favourable zone of uranium mineralization in Sarana sector with NE-SW direction are contained in metapelite rock and some in muscovite quartzite.

Mineralization of uranium is occurred fill in the fields of parallel fractures with stochasticity by ENE-WSW direction, and moderate to strong inclination to the north. Three points drilling with the depth of This study is aimed to obtain the knowledge of geology, and geometry of sub-surface uranium mineralization. Geologically, research area are consists of metapelite, muscovite quartzite and biotite quartzite with milli metric - centi metric thicknesses. Uranium mineralization are in forms of veins or tabular as uraninite and pitchblende associated with pyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, ilmenite and molybdenite.

Uranium Mineralization on the surface could be correlated with sub-surface from bore-hole data, with the result that zone of uranium mineralization in lenses or tabular form with sub-vertical dip may be identified. That mineralization were found with in favourable, rock of quartzite that intruded by granitic rock. The aim of this research was to find information about sub surfaces uranium geology characteristic, geometric, and U resources available at North Tanah Merah using shallow geological exploration drilling.

The result of drilling at 3 locations arising 60 m depth each, have found some uranium mineralization indications that was identified as in uranium ore lensis. The geometri of the lensis is 5 cm-3 m lenght, 15 cm maximum wide and thick. The result of U reserve estimation around 3 drill holes with in 5. Sub level open stoping mining method for the Remaja type deposits, Kalan , West Kalimantan , Indonesia.

According to historic drilling, probing and trenching, geologists previously assumed that the Eko Remaja type deposits belonged to the vein type family. To test this assumption, it was decided to drive a tunnel into Eko Remaja hill, in which eighteen mineralized intersections were discovered. A small mining test has been carried out in the area where the potentially mineable veins are concentrated.

The idea was to check the continuity of the mineralization and assist in considering possible mining methods. Two methods were considered: the traditional and well known cut and fill method, or the long parallel holes method. This second method has not been used a lot up to now so was dropped. Regarding cut and fill testing, it was decided to test vein from the tunnel level at m above sea level.

As a vein continuity check a ramp was driven in vein and a drift in vein at both levels and Vein vein seemed rather regular at level, but was quite different in the ramp in vein and in the drift at level No continuity at all existed between the two levels or at level Although good quality ore was found, it was considered that it could not be mined by the cut and fill method due to a lack of continuity. Fortunately, the major part of the reserves are concentrated in the four veins ,, and which are rather close to each other.

Although the quantity of waste will be important, diluted ore could still be extracted. Fortunately ore and the waste are quite distinctive in aspect, colour, shape, specific gravity and radioactivity. Therefore sorting is included in the present study, considering low capital and operating costs means and equipment.

Two methods have been studied and compared respectively as part of Vertical Crater Retreat and Sub Level Stoping mining methods. This method has been considered as the more convenient but might be do more for the feasibility study, and slightly modified it in order to make the loading of the broken ore at the bottom of the stope easier and allow earlier back filling in order to increase the hanging wall stability.

The fieldwork is based on the data of strike S0 and schistosity S1 of cores that could not penetrate the geological structure model and result of observation on some cores has shown that U mineralization veins are not always parallel to S1. The problems were encountered in core drill data to improve the estimation of U resources from indication category to measured category.

The purpose of the evaluation is to establish the advisability of geological structure model and U mineralization model which was applied by this time. The research used remapping of geological structure with surface method in the scale of The result of remapping shows the difference of the dipping between new geological structure model and the old model.

The dipping of the new model is to South East until vertical and the old model is to North West until vertical and to South East until vertical. Despite the difference between both of them, the substantive of folding system is identical so that the new and old models can be applied in drilling in West Lemajung sector. U mineralization model of remapping result consists of 3 types : type 1 U mineralization lens form with West-East direction and vertical dipping which is associated with tourmaline, type 2 U mineralization filling in the open fractures with West-East direction and 70 o to North dipping and parallel with S1, and type 3 U mineralization fill in opening fractures with N o - o E the direction and 60 o to North East until subvertical dipping while the old model is only one type.

It is U mineralization filling in the open fractures with West-East the direction and 70 o to North the dipping and parallel with S1. Because of this significant difference, data collection of drill core must follow the new mineralization model. This study is aimed to get potential sites along the coastal area of Ketapang and Kayong Utara based on weighting of criteria and spatial modeling and GIS.

Determination of potential site is done based on following criteria: slope, lithology, geology, topography, rainfall, hazard vulnerability, proximity to water bodies, distance of residential areas, land use, peat existence, hydrogeology, etc.

Based on weighting and scoring, the study identified 4 potential sites on the coastal area of Kendawangan, Sukadana, Matan Hilir Utara and Matan Hilir Selatan. Study on Kalimantan uranium province: The assessment on uranium mineralization of metamorphic and granitic rocks at Schwaner mountains.

A part of the occurrences on metamorphic rocks at Kalan basin has been evaluated and be developed onto follow-up step of prospecting by construction of some drilling holes and an exploration adit. In order to increase the national uranium resources, it is necessarily to extent the exploration activity to out side or nearby of Kalan basin. The goal of this assessment is to understand the uranium accumulation mechanism at Pinoh metamorphic rocks of Kalan Kalimantan and to delineate areas that uranium may exist.

The assessment was based on the aspect of geology, anomaly of radioactivity and uranium contents, tectonics and alterations. Pinoh metamorphic rocks which is influenced by Sukadana granite intrusion are the high potential rocks for the uranium accumulation, because the intrusion contains a relatively high of U, Th, Cu, Zn, Nb, Mn, and W. The potential rock distributions are in between G. Ransa granite intrusion at the east and Kotabaru granite intrusions at the west.

The mineralizations are categorized as vein type deposits of granitic association. Shared use of only one lancing system for the 6 nuclear power plants required frequent transportation of the system from Nori to Youngkwang which may cause malfunction of sophisticated control equipment. Sometimes, the overlap in preventive maintenance schedule of nuclear power plants prevented the plant maintenance personnel from doing sufficient lancing work.

Purchasing a new lancing system may be a candidate for this problem, but the price tag is surprisingly high. Furthermore, prompt maintenance was another serious problem because the manufacturer is far away in a foreign country.

Last year, the steam generator of Kori No. The difference in the tube arrangement of the new steam generator made it impossible to use the CECIL system. Metode penelitian menggunakan metode kualitatif. This study aims to determine the change of the architecture character of the residential in the Kampung Beting of Pontianak city. The change classified into three periods of the settlement growth, namely: the Sultanate, transition, and the Republic period. However, the desirable form of cultures is a change that kept the core of characters and adapt to the current condition that maintained underlying causes between the past, present and future.

The result, obtained a formula of changes over the three periods. The changes occur on stylistic system shape and dimensions of the building, physical system material and function as well as the spatial system character space, spatial patterns, hierarchical position, and orientation. The changes of form may represent the culture conditions on certain period.

Program Pascasarjana. Universitas Gadjah Mada. Arsitektur dalam Perubahan Kebudayaan. K, Arsitektur Bentuk Ruang dan Tatanan. Jakarta Doxiadis, C. Ekistic, an Introduction to the Science of Human Settlements.

Hutchinson of London. London Fuad, Zubaidi. Arsitektur Kaili sebagai Proses dan Produk Vernakular. Palu Habraken, N. Massachusetts Mangunwijaya, YB. Jakarta Rapoport, Amos. House Form and Culture. University of Winconsin. Milwaukee Rapoport, Amos. University ofWinconsin. Milwaukee Yunus, Hadi Sabari, Struktur dan Tata Ruang Kota. Pustaka Bel. Yogyakarta Vincent. Perencanaan Tapak Untuk Perumahan terjemahan. Jakarta Zeisel, John.

Cambridge University Press. Di Sumbawa Barat saat ini tidak terdapat industri pengolahan rotan asalan menjadi iratan dan pitrit, sebagai bahan anyaman untuk mebel. Tujuan kajian ini adalah untuk mencari solusi pengembangan mebel rotan di Sumbawa Barat yang bahan bakunya masih berupa rotan asalan yaitu berupa rotan batangan menjadi produk mebel.

Metode yang digunakan yaitu deskr Full Text Available Abstract: This paper aims to find the answer to a fundamental question: what is religion? How is the phenomenon of religionin the western world? And how religious the Western world in this contemporary Era?

In the discussion note several things, among others: 1. Religionisa systemof beliefs and practicesof life according to these beliefs. Religionis the rules on how to live a physically and mentally. Religionisa reference of life in its various aspects, including aspects of common life or social life.

In medieval times, religionis seenas having an absolute and universal truth concretely been visualizedin the Western world. In the post modernera of modernity and religion is criticize dan dindistortion, the era of religion merely a matter of discussion and separated with practical life, religionis also considered to hinder the progression of man. Abstrak: Tulisan ini bertujuan menemukan jawaban mendasar atas pertanyaan: apa itu agama? Bagaimana fenomena agama di dunia Barat? Dan bagaimana keberagamaan dunia Barat pada Era kontemporel ini?

Dalam pembahasan diketahui beberapa hal antara lain: 1. Agama ialah sistem kepercayaan dan praktek hidup yang sesuai dengan kepercayaan tersebut. Agama ialah peraturan tentang cara hidup lahir batin. Agama adalah acuan hidup berbagai aspeknya, termasuk aspek kehidupan bersama atau kehidupan sosial. Pada abad pertengahan, agama dipandang sebagai yang memiliki kebenaran mutlak dan universal yang secara kongkrit pernah divisualisasikan di dunia Barat.

Keywords: Pergumulan, Keberagamaan, Dunia Barat. Full Text Available This article tries to map the social condition by classifying the CSR corporate social responsibility main theories. The purpose of this social mapping is to identify the predefined indicators related to socio-political and cultural conditions. The object of social mapping survey is the stakeholers and people related to the business activities of the coal mining corporates in the regent of Kutai Barat , Kalimantan Timur.

By identifying the socio-political and cultural aspects, the corporate can anticipate and avoid any social conflicts about their business. The social mapping on socio-political and cultural aspect is very important for any coal mining corporates before launching their business on exploring as well as on exploiting by the CSR program. The CSR field presents not only a landscape of theories, but also a proliferation of approaches, which are controversial, complex and unclear.

The social mapping on socio-political and cultural aspects is usefull for any coal mining companies at Kutai Barat in implementing the CSR. The CSR theory, in practice, presents four dimensions related to profit, political performance, social demands, and ethical values. The aim of the environmental monitoring is to know the possibility change environmental component quality at Kalan area West Kalimantan.

This monitoring activity has done parallel to the exploration and mining research on radioactive ore at Kalan area. The monitoring consist the activities such as river water sampling, stream sediments, soil, and pH. Water and sediment samples were taken from the same location as what been carried out at the previously research sampling.

The maximal radioactivity values were accepted is 0. Based on the physical and chemical assay of the river water, stream sediments, and soils samples shown that the quality of the environment was not deteriorating, that mean the exploration and mining research on radioactive ores are do not disturb the environment. Irrawaddy dolphins Orcaella brevirostris Owen in Gray is one of aquatic mammals species who populations are increasingly threatened. The lack information about population of Irrawaddy dolphins in West Kalimantan waters makes the conservation of this species and its management were still not optimized yet.

This research aims to identify the characteristics and behavior of dolphins found in Kubu Raya and Kayong Utara waters of West Kalimantan. The observation was held on April , exploring coastal waters and estuaries which are expected to be the habitats of Irrawaddy dolphins using binoculars. There are individuals of Irrawaddy dolphin found at the mouth of Bumbun River.

A group consist of young and adults dolphins at the depth of 11 meters. The observed behavior is chasing schooling fish and occasionally spitting water from his blowhole. Based on morphological character and fish behavior observed, and environmental condition parameters, indicated that the water surrounding of Kubu Raya and Kayong Utara District were potential habitat for Irrawaddy dolphins.

Mineralogical test as a preliminary step for metallurgical proses of Kalan ores. Mineralogical tests as a preliminary step for hydrometallurgy of Kalan ores, including Eko Remaja and Rirang have been carried out to identify the elements and minerals content which affect the metallurgical process, especially the leaching and purification of uranium.

Mineralogical tests have been done by means of radioactive and radioluxugraph tests to identify radioactive minerals; thin specimen analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM to identify elements and morphology, EPMA to analyse qualitatively the elements, X-ray Diffractometer XRD to identify of minerals content; and X-ray Fluorescence XRF and chemical analyses to determine total elements qualitatively and quantitatively.

The experimental results show that the Eko Remaja ores contain uraninite and brannerite, iron and titan oxides, sulfides, phosphates and silicates minerals, while the Rirang ores contain uraninite, monazite and molybdenite. Agar supaya suaka perikanan dapat berfungsi dengan baik sehingga mempunyai dampak terhadap masyarakat sekitarnya maka suaka tersebut harus dikelola dengan tepat mulai dari penentuan lokasi yang tepat, sarana prasarana yang diperlukan, serta kelembagaan dan pengawasan.

Floodplain waters are strongly influenced by season, drought during dry season and floods in rainy season. There are two groups of fish in the swamp namely the swamp fishgroup black fish and river fish group white fish. Based on the type of habitat in the swamp flood, there are several types of fish reserves namely floodplain pool reserve, swamp lake reserve, river segment reserve, and deep pool of the riverreserve.

Full Text Available Hutan lindung mangrove mempunyai fungsi dan manfaat secara ekonomi, ekologi dan sosial. Pengelolaannya memerlukan perencanaan yang dapat menjamin keberlanjutan fungsi dan manfaat tersebut. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui tingkat keberlanjutan pengelolaan hutan lindung mangrove dan menentukan faktor-faktor yang berpengaruh terhadap pengelolaan hutan lindung mangrove yang berkelanjutan.

Perencanaan pengelolaan yang tidak mempertimbangkan kesepuluh faktor tersebut secara seimbang tidak akan menjamin keberlanjutan pengelolaan hutan lindung mangrove di Batu Ampar. Full Text Available Islamic religious education has been implemented in a special school.

But until now there are constraints that hinder implementation of suspectedIslamic religious education in exceptional schools. Obstacles include theMinistry of Religious Affairs had prepared a special religious teachers whoare ready to teach in exceptional schools.

Ministry of Religious Affairs has notprovided guide books for religious education exceptional schools. Data collection techniques used includes interviewing techniques,observation, and documents. SDLB Dharma Asih in Pontianak basicallyhas to do three main activities of the implementation of religious educationcurriculum, which is making the program, learning implementation, andevaluation. In the process of learning at this school there are several factorssupporting and threatening. Supporting factors include teachers, principals,foundations, government agencies and the community.

While the factors thatstill need to be developed to facilitate the learning process is a means amongothers of special books for religion in SDLB. Full Text Available Dayak Iban Ethnic cannot be separated of interaction with the forest tembawang as a place to fulfill of variety needs such as food source, building material, traditional medicine, traditional ceremonies, craft and so on.

It is important to know all aspect about tembawang and existence. The data were collected by in depth interviews to the village officials, officials and indigenous community representative, analyze with descriptive qualitative and SWOT. Sungai Mawang Village has 15 tembawang, spacious Tembawang management is governed by customary law. Access unlimited use but require a permit customs officials.

Tembawang has the function and value is very important because it is part of the tradition, culture and customs of the people, economic needs and conservation. The Dayak Iban manage tembawang in good condition, with the result that maximizing managemen and potential for achieve maximum progress. Full Text Available Sintang Residence is a region which has susceptible region of natural disaster mainly landslide and flood. As the result of that vulnerability, it is needed to do the research to determine zonation of susceptibility ofdisaster.

Zonation of landslide is based on four parameters such as slope, annual rainfall, geology factorsand land use. Based on secondary data and primary data, Sintang residence can be divided into threesusceptibility landslide zones, i. Susceptibleflood zones are divided into three zones i.

Landslidesin that area are happened due to some factors; among other things are the rocks weathered, high slopedirection and no retaining wall. Flood is happened mostly due to the position of residences which straightforward or less height toward river water level and that location near with the rivers.

Flood occupied theresidences mostly pass terrain edge river or pass by Sub River or rubbish ditch that ended in the mainriver. The purposes of mitigation those disasters based on the land use. It could be concluded that the implementation of agribusiness development program in Sekadau Regency has not been optimal. Keywords: Social demography characteristic, Program implementation, Beef cattle. Full Text Available Sekonyer river as west border of Tanjung Puting National Park, is the main flora and fauna preservation areasespecially for orangutan conservation.

Part of Sekonyer river upper course around year to , there was anillegal gold mining IGM activity, and in this IGM was forbidden to be operated because of the use of mercuryfor extracting the gold. In former IGM location, up to this research has been done, the location is still used for silikapuya sand mining that is extracted from the sands by using water from the river, as a result, the waste water wasinundated in the mining area and flows into Sekonyer river. The objectives of this research are first of all, to identifythe heavy metal degree of the water, such as mercury, copper, cadmium, zinc, lead, arsenic, and chrome.

The secondone is to identify the source of pollution, and the last one is to identify the potential heavy metal that pollute the water. Composite method was used in collecting the water samples, i. Water and puya samples were analyzed in Analytical Laboratory of University of Udayana, and then its pollutionindexes were counted, and the quality of the water was fixed based on Third Degree of quality standardized criteria,Government Rule Number 82 Year It was also found heavy pollution with pollution index of 16,26 in the inundated water in the puya mininglocation.

It was also happened to puya in the mining location that was contaminated by heavy metal of mercury in0, ppm and zinc in 0, ppm degrees, whilst in Kumai river, upper side of Kumai quay it was found heavypollution with pollution index of 17, From the results of the analysis, it can be concluded that the heavy metals was derived from mining area Aspai, from the sea and also from upper course of Kumai river. The potential metals as the pollutant were cadmium,zinc, lead, and mercury.

Their efforts to save the forests and increase the amount of benefit, at this time began use of environmental services, one through nature tourism activities. This study aimed ABSTRAK Adanya upaya penyelamatan hutan dan peningkatan nilai manfaatnya, pada saat ini mulai dilakukan pemanfaatan jasa lingkungan, salah satunya melalui kegiatan pariwisata alam.

Taman Nasional Bukit Baka Bukit Raya sebagai kawasan konservasi telah dimanfaatkan sebagai kegiatan pariwisata alam dan salah satunya adalah pendakian Bukit Raya. Selain memilki dampak positif, kegiatan pendakian juga memiliki dampak negatif jika tidak memperhatikan daya dukung lingkungan jalur pendakian itu se Full Text Available Nepenthes ampullaria Jack.

Its could be increasing the quality of Mandor nature reserve as protected area. This research aims to study the population and habitat of N. This study was conducted at two habitats, heath forest and peat swamp forest. The results showed that the highest population density of N.

Their are growth in groups. Vegetation analysis showed that constituent species habitat of N. Result of identification to insects showed Formicidae is dominant family that trapped in pitcher of N. Temperature and humidity in N. Rainfall during the study was normally. Ratio of sand and soil on both affected the improvement of individual N. Keywords: habitat, Mandor nature reserve, Nepenthes ampullaria Jack, population. Full Text Available Terminologi efikasi kendiri EK merupakan terminologi yang diperkenalkan dalam ilmu psikologi sekitar tahun an.

Namun, istilah ini masih kurang difahami oleh kebanyakan individu terutama mereka yang bukan berlatar belakangkan bidang psikologi. Oleh itu, satu keperluan hasil penulisan ini diketengahkan, memandangkan konsep ini penting dalam diri setiap individu bagi memacu kecemerlangan diri.

Justeru, kertas kerja ini akan mengupas serba ringkas mengenai konsep EK dari perspektif Islam dan Barat , dengan melihat kepada beberapa titik persamaan dan perbezaan antara kedua-dua pandangan. Islam dan Barat bersetuju bahawa individu yang memiliki EK yang tinggi merupakan individu yang berfikiran positif, berani mengambil risiko dan tidak mudah berputus. Namun pandangan Islam terhadap konsep ini lebih luas, kerana Islam mengaitkan konsep ini dengan konsep tauhid uluhiyyah dan konsep manusia sebagai ahsan al-taqwim.

Oleh demikian, EK dari perspektif Islam lebih bersifat kekal dan umum, di samping individu yang berefikasi tinggi menurut Islam ialah individu yang memiliki sifat sabar, syukur, redha dan redha. Tracing the depositional history of Kalimantan diamonds by zircon provenance and diamond morphology studies. Diamonds in alluvial deposits in Southeast Asia are not accompanied by indicator minerals suggesting primary kimberlite or lamproite sources.

The Meratus Mountains in Southeast Borneo Province Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia provide the largest known deposit of these so-called "headless" diamond deposits. Proposals for the origin of Kalimantan diamonds include the adjacent Meratus ophiolite complex, ultra-high pressure UHP metamorphic terranes, obducted subcontinental lithospheric mantle and undiscovered kimberlite-type sources.

Here we report results from detailed sediment provenance analysis of diamond-bearing Quaternary river channel material and from representative outcrops of the oldest known formations within the Alino Group, including the diamond-bearing Campanian-Maastrichtian Manunggul Formation. Optical examination of surfaces of diamonds collected from artisanal miners in the Meratus area stones and in West Borneo Sanggau Area, Province Kalimantan Barat ; 85 stones points toward a classical kimberlite-type source for the majority of these diamonds.

Some of the diamonds host mineral inclusions suitable for deep single-crystal X-ray diffraction investigation. We determined the depth of formation of two olivines, one coesite and one peridotitic garnet inclusion. Sediment provenance analysis includes petrography coupled to analyses of detrital garnet and glaucophane.

The compositions of these key minerals do not indicate kimberlite-derived material. The screening ultimately resulted in a small subset of ten zircons with a kimberlitic affinity. Subsequent U-Pb dating resulting in Cretaceous ages plus a detailed chemical reflection make. Full Text Available There are three models of partnership in the development of smallholders plantation of palm oil in Center of Kalimantan Province, those are: 1 inti-plasma model that is managed by cooperative; 2 inti-plasma model that is managed by company; 3 inti-plasma model that is managed by individual farmers.

This research aims to find the best partnership model amongst them. A random sampling of 30 farmers was chosen for the first and the second models. For the second model, all of the farmers who follow the program as many as 20 farmers was chosen as this research respondent. Full Text Available Gametofit Asplenium nidus L dari Kalimantan Barat diamati dengan mengecambahkan spora pada media campuran akar paku pohon dan arang sekam Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan bukti taksonomi baru untuk mendukung keberadaan jenis komplek dalam A.

Spora coklat tua simetris bilateral yang berkecambah menghasilkan benang berklorofil yang terdiri atas sel. Rizoid berkecambah pada sisi polar, sedangkan benang berklorofil pada sisi ekuator. Pembentukan piringan berawal pada sel sub terminal dari benang yang berkecambah pada hari ke dengan pembelahan sel secara mencong.

Rizoid terbentuk lagi pada sel-sel pangkal atau semi pangkal pada piringan. Gametofit muda berbentuk jantung panjang dan anteridium muda mulai timbul pada umur 60 hari. Gametofit dewasa menjantung dan menghasilkan anteridium dewasa mulai umur 75 hari.

Gametofit hermaprodit dan betina tidak ditemukan. Sporofit muda mulai muncul pada umur 90 hari. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ciri-ciri morfologi gametofit menambah bukti taksonomi dalam mendukung keberadaan jenis komplek atau jenis tersembunyi dalam A. People and forests in East Kalimantan. Investigators found that farmers vary in their reason for practicing shifting cultivation of logging and agriculture, in their intensity of farming, and in the amount of damage they caused forests in their practices.

This isdue to the similaritybetween Wujudiyah Sufism with the concept of Irfan in Shi'a. Objek penelitianya adalah petani atau masyarakat yang mengusahakan kebun hutan generasi kedua oleh rakyat dengan komoditi tanaman yang akan diteliti adalah tanaman durian, rambutan, cempedak, langsat, meranti dan kapur. Besarnya tingkat pendapatan pada masing-masing jenis buah durian, rambutan, langsat dan cempedak berbeda-beda tergantung besarnya produksi buah dan harga jualnya. Identification and quantitative grade estimation of Uranium mineralization based on gross-count gamma ray log at Lemajung sector West Kalimantan.

Lemajung sector, is one of uranium potential sector in Kalan Area, West Kalimantan. The purpose of this activity is to determine uranium mineralization grade with quantitatively methode in the rocks and also determine the geological conditions in sorounding of drilling area. The methodology involves determining the value of k-factor, geological mapping for the sorounding of drill hole, determination of the thickness and grade estimation of uranium mineralization with gross-count gamma ray.

Uranium mineralization is present as fracture filling vein or tectonic breccia matrix filling in metasiltstone with thickness from 0. Seasonal forecasting of fire over Kalimantan , Indonesia. Spessa, A. Large-scale fires occur frequently across Indonesia, particularly in the southern region of Kalimantan and eastern Sumatra.

They have considerable impacts on carbon emissions, haze production, biodiversity, health, and economic activities. In this study, we demonstrate that severe fire and haze events in Indonesia can generally be predicted months in advance using predictions of seasonal rainfall from the ECMWF System 4 coupled ocean-atmosphere model.

Based on analyses of long, up-to-date series observations on burnt area, rainfall, and tree cover, we demonstrate that fire activity is negatively correlated with rainfall and is positively associated with deforestation in Indonesia. There is a contrast between the southern region of Kalimantan high fire activity, high tree cover loss, and strong non-linear correlation between observed rainfall and fire and the central region of Kalimantan low fire activity, low tree cover loss, and weak, non-linear correlation between observed rainfall and fire.

Overall, our findings point to a high potential for using a more physical-based method for predicting fires with several months lead time in the tropics rather than one based on indexes only. We argue that seasonal precipitation forecasts should be central to Indonesia's evolving fire management policy. Full Text Available Telah dilakukan penelitian di propinsi Jawa Barat dan Bali, tentang kenakalan remaja yang meliputi sifat dan perilaku remaja dalam mengendarai kendaraan bermotor dengan kecepalan tinggi ngebut.

Responden adalah remaja berumur 13—19 tahun yang masih sekolah atau sudah putus sekolah, belum menikah dan berada di wilayah puskesmas terpilih. Pengumpulan data kuantitatif dilakukan dengan menggunakan kuesioner, sedangkan data kualitatif dikumpulkan melalui diskusi kelompok terarah DKT. Kenakalan remaja berupa coret-coret dinding baik di propinsi Jawa Barat maupun di Bali cukup tinggi juga. Nampaknya di rural agak. Untuk mengetahui seberapa besar ketimpangan pendapatan digunakan Indeks Williamson dan Indeks Entropi Theil,.

Berdasarkan indeks Wiliamson menunjukkan bahwa selama tahun sampai dengan terdapat ketimpangan pembanguan antar kabupaten di Kalimantan Timur sebesar 0. Sedangkan dari hitungan Entropi Theil menunjukkan bahwa rata-rata selama tahun sampai dengan terdapat ketimpangan pendapatan sebesar Setelah dilakukan analisis Kuznets menunjukkan bahwa di Kalimantan Timur selama tahun sampai dengan berlaku hukum Kuznets. This study aims to find out the development and income inequality inter regency in East Kalimantan and prove whether the inverted U hypothesis applied in the East Kalimantan.

To find out how much income inequality, the writer used Williamson and Theil's Entropy Index. Based on Williamson index, it indicates that there is income inequality inter regency in East Kalimantan during to , at 0. Whereas Entropy Theil calculation shows that on average during to , there was income inequality by Meanwhile, Kuznets analysis shows that Kuznets law applied in East Kalimantan during to Objectives of this study were to determine the proporsion of P.

This study is conductedin Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan in Samples were microscopically positive malaria cases obtained by surveys and passive case findings. Patients were also examined clinically and interviewed to investigate the history of infections.

The results showed that among the samples examined, three samples 1. All of the three cases were infected locally, which consist of two in Central Kalimantan and one in South Kalimantan. The cases in Central Kalimantan were the first finding of Plasmodium knowlesi malaria cases in the province. Clinical symptoms in two cases were mild but in another case was rather severe.

Morphology of P. Further research is needed in order to find other spreading area of P. Keywords : Plasmodium knowlesi, human, clinical symptoms, morphology, Central Kalimantan. AbstrakSampai tahun , empat kasus malaria Plamodium knowlesi pada manusia yang penularannya di sekitar hutan telah ditemukan di Kalimantan Selatan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui besarnya proporsi P. Penelitian ini dilakukan di Kalimantan Tengah dan Kalimantan Selatan pada tahun Sampel adalah kasus malaria positif mikroskopis yang diperoleh melalui survei dan penemuan kasus secara pasif.

Serapan darah pada kertas saring atau kerokan sediaan apus darah tebal diperiksa dengan. Penyelaman ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle Little Hercules di Gunungapi Kawio Barat yang dipusatkan di sisi baratlaut dari puncak gunung menyapu mulai kedalaman m hingga menuju ke arah puncak pada kedalaman m.

Kelompok bat Akuntansi Nir-Tuhan: Salahkah Aku? Budaya Barat Menggugat. Full Text Available Penelitian ini akan menguji apakah ketiadaan Allah dalam praktik akuntansi budaya barat merupakan sebuah kesalahan, yang mana budaya barat menggunakan agama Kristen Katolik Roma dan praktek akuntansi yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah PSAK 46 tentang pajak tangguhan. Beberapa peneliti akuntansi menyatakan bahwa akuntansi yang ada mengakomodasi kapitalisme.

Selain itu, beberapa peneliti juga mempertanyakan tidak adanya agama dalam akuntansi. Sedangkan agama harus dianggap sebagai perilaku manusia yang mendasari kekuasaan, sehingga budaya yang dapat dilihat sebagai pengaruh penting pada pengembangan kebijakan dan praktik akuntansi. Tidak adanya Allah dalam akuntansi selalu menyalahkan budaya barat sebagai penyebabnya. Artikel ini menunjukkan bahwa budaya barat sangat mendorong warganya untuk membayar pajak.

Sementara aturan akuntansi yang diatur dalam PSAK 46 bahkan mengakomodasi perencanaan pajak yang bertujuan untuk meminimalkan pajak yang dibayarkan kepada Negara. Artikel ini memberi kita refleksi: apakah kita masih akan menyalahkan budaya barat sebagai penyebab tidak adanya Allah dalam Praktek Akuntansi? Some accounting researchers stated that the existing accounting accommodate capitalism.

Moreover, some researchers also questioned the absence of religion in accounting. Whereas religion should be considered as a power underlying human behavior, so that culture can be seen as an important influence on the development of accounting policies and practices. Nonexistence of God in accounting always blaming western culture as the cause. This article shows that the western culture strongly encourages its citizens to pay taxes.

While the accounting rules contained in PSAK 46 even. Prospect and policy of palm oil mill effluents for future electricity in east kalimantan utilization of pome as renewable energy. East Kalimantan economy for four decades was mainly based on natural resources extraction and dominated by primary sectorwith the six highest GDP in But, the contribution of oil and gas were decreasing production due to the absence of new wells.

One of the mission was create natural resources and renewable energy based economic people oriented. The Goverment of EK Province chose a strategy of socio-economic transformation based on renewable natural resources. This strategy has been applied in the regional development plan by mainstreaming climate change issues. Data related to energy source and its potential, remote rural electrification, bioenergy feedstock, etc including from the Palm Oil company was collected and subsequently analized in line with the EK Governor Letter.

Currently available of Biogas-Pome as bioenergy feedstock is million m3year-1, where as currently utilized is only 22 millionm3year Power demand supply status in January indicated as available capacity is MW where the peak demand is MW. About thousand households are un-electrified, with more power need about MW in total capacity.

Orchids inventory in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan. Full Text Available Orchid is one of ornamental plants which have commercial value. Therefore most species are becoming threatened or even endangered because of over exploitation. In addition, its natural habitat is also decreasing. Conservation must be done urgently, both by in situ and ex situ conservation, which can be started by orchid inventory. The result showed that there were 40 species belonged to 27 genera, which 32 species of them 20 genera were epiphytic orchids and 8 species 7 genera were terrestrial orchids.

Full Text Available Abstract. For Bandung Barat Regency KBB, industries sector is the economy main pillar, shown by its contribution to regional income that reached This contribution is twice larg-er than the contribution of trading and agricultural sectors. The next issue is what should be done so that this power continues to develop and give benefits to the people of Bandung Barat Regency?

This study was conducted to answer the proposed issues. Therefore, to obtain the data in order to answer the research problem, the method used is qualitative, with data collection techniques are interviews and literature reviews. Discussion of the data is done by comparison to the theories and concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR as well as what has been done by the govern-ment in some countries who are already doing CSR management.

The results from this study showed that based on the geographical location of Bandung Barat Regency, the number and com-position and distribution of the population shows that Bandung Barat Regency has a high-potential districts to be a developed and prosperous regency. However, this potential has not well coordinated. One of the fundamental of this condition is that the Bandung Barat Regency govern-ment has not created the formulation and dissemination on what was to become the main focus for CSR activities of the companies in the region of Bandung Barat Regency.

Kontribusi ini mencapai dua kali kontribusi sektor perdagangan maupun pertanian. Persoalan selanjutnya adalah apa yang harus dilakukan agar kekuatan ini tetap berkembang dan memberi kebaikan pada masyarakat disekitar Kabupaten Bandung Barat? Penelitian ini dilakukan guna menjawab persoalan yang diajukan. Oleh karena itu. Untuk memperoleh data guna menjawab permasalahan penelitian, maka metode yang digunakan adalah.

Full Text Available Abstract: Every adult male who works with various types of background work is a form of responsibility to provide for his family members. Observing one's work activities , this study analyzed the work activities on college institutes followers of Qadiriyah Naqsyabandiyah QN in Pontianak city. The research analyzes using perspective of Sociology of Religion , how functions can Sufism moral formation ethics working his followers.

Furthermore, this study used a qualitative approach comes with a descriptive method. Networking research data using the snowball technique in college institutes informant followers of Qadiriyah Naqsyabandiyah As-Salam and An-Nuur in Pontianak city QN flow assuming a more dominant in Pontianak. The next stage of data were analyzed using qualitative analysis. When performing work activities of Qadiriyah Naqsyabandiyah QNfollowersfeel have the power within themselves so that they always feel to be watched.

They are careful in their work and always maintain appropriate behavior Islamic morality. Adapun pisau analisis penelitian menggunakan persfektif Sosiologi Agama, bagimana fungsi tasawuf dapat pembentukan akhlak etika kerja para pengikutnya. Selanjutnya penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dilengkapi dengan metode deskriptif. Tahapan selanjutnya data dianalisis dengan menggunakan analisis kualitatif. Ketika melakukan aktivitas kerja para pengikut QN merasa mempunyai kekuatan spiritualdi dalam dirinya, yakni merasa selalu ada yang mengawasi.

Mereka berhati-hati dalam bekerja dan selalu menjaga perilakunya sesuai akhlak Islami. Keywords: tasawuf, tarekat, akhlak, etika. Syair Gulung is a typical Malay cultural art. The educational values that exist in the Syair Gulung can be developed as a tool of dissemination of disaster education which recently happened such as forest fire and flood. Natural disasters that occur in the Ketapang community can not be separated from the fading and shifting values of local wisdom that developed in the community.

As a preventive form for the preservation of the natural environment, it reinvents the educational values implicit in Syair Gulung contributing greatly in the effort to preserve the nature of the disaster. Educational theories of local wisdom and disaster risk education are important in helping the realization of a disaster-conscious society.

Community communities are highly effective targets for awareness of the importance of disaster education. Untuk itu, pemerintah daerah dapat menjalin kerjasama kemitraan dengan perguruan tinggi untuk dapat melakukan upaya optimalisasi PAUD guna meningkatkan IPM di Jawa Barat. Dengan kerjasama kemitraan ini diharapkan dapat membantu meningkatkan indeks rata-rata lama sekolah dan indeks melek huruf, sehingga IPM di Jawa Barat akan meningkat.

Tujuan Penelitian ini adalah: pertama, untuk mengetahui serta menganalisis pengaruh Profesionalisme dan Independensi Auditor Internal secara simultan terhadap kualitas audit pada Inspektorat Provinsi Jawa Barat. Meningkatnya pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional terutama di dorong oleh semakin membaiknya kinerja balance of payment terutama mulai membaiknya eksport yang selama krisis global mengalami penurunan yang lambat slowdown.

Namun, jika harga komoditi ekspor dunia masih belum membaik justru membuat pertumbuhan menjadi melambat di tahun Full Text Available Penggunaan pestisida merupakan salah satu sumber pencemar yang potensial bagi sumberdaya dan lingkungan perairan. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui tingkat pencemaran pestisida pada lahan perikanan budidaya di Sukabumi, Jawa Barat.

Penelitian diawali dengan penentuan lokasi, dilanjutkan dengan pengambilan contoh air, sedimen, biota air, preparasi, identifikasi, dan analisis data, serta pelaporan. Analisis contoh menggunakan alat Gas Chromatograph GC.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pada lahan perikanan air tawar di daerah Sukabumi terdapat residu pestisida dari golongan organoklorin, organofosfat, piretroid, dan karbamat dengan konsentrasi di bawah Batas Maksimal Residu BMR. Jenis dan konsentrasi residu pestisida tersebut yang terbesar terdapat pada ikan, kemudian di dalam tanah dan yang terakhir adalah dalam air.

This research aims at comprehending the role of ulama in developing Banjar society of South Kalimantan. The author concludes that ulama plays traditional role, provided that they live in modern era. Without considering the typology, ulama has brought the Banjarese society into unity. They have also taken important role in keeping up stability, harmony and diversity from various perspectives, interest, and social groups of Banjarese.

It is also revealed that demographic and socio-cultural factors are not closely related with the role of ulama, except that of religiosity. Stemming Dari Wikipedia , stemming adalah proses untuk mengubah kata berimbuhan menjadi kata dasar. NewStemmer sastrawi. NewDictionary "lapar" dictionary. Add "ingin", "makan", "gizi", "enak", "lezat" dictionary. Remove "enak", "lezat" dictionary. Effective Techniques for Indonesian Text Retrieval.

Mahendra dan H. PDF A. Tahitoe, D. PDF Tambahan aturan stemming dari kontributor Sastrawi. Kamus Kata Dasar Proses stemming oleh Sastrawi sangat bergantung pada kamus kata dasar. Source Files View all.


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Full Text Available Rock mass characterization is required in design of rock opening, which calculation of engineering characters of rock mass become one important parameter toconsider.

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Password recovery. Recover your password. Sunday, January 31, Get help. Home Bagan Datuk Beting Beras Baginda telah memperkenan permintaan tersebut dan mengarahkan putera keduanya iaitu Raja Muzaffar Shah ke Perak. Sewaktu Bahtera baginda menghampiri di kuala Sungai Perak dan sampai ke kawasan Beting Beras Basah, bahtera baginda telah dipukul ombak yang besar dan terdampar secara tiba-tiba diatas satu beting ditengah lautan tersebut.

Baginda telah mengarahkan supaya dibuangkan ke laut barang-barang yang berat, namun laut tetap bergelora. Lalu baginda pun berseru :. Sultan Muzzaffar lantas mengambil mahkota baginda lalu membuangnya ke dalam laut. Secara tiba-tiba laut yang bergelora itu tenang kembali seperti biasa. Bahtera baginda dapat belayar semula seperti sediakala.

Disebabkan peristiwa tersebut, baginda telah mengambil keputusan untuk mendarat di Beting Beras Basah dan ditabalkan sebelum meneruskan pelayaran baginda. Sejak itu, setiap Sultan Perak yang akan ditabalkan disyaratkan datang ke Beting Beras Basah ini untuk istiadat pertabalan pusaka dan bersiram tabal dan beberapa upacara lain yang akan disempurnakan oleh Pawang Diraja.

Selain Sultan, Raja Perempuan juga harus melakukan upacara yang sama. Kawasan berkenaan dikatakan menjadi tempat pawang memenjarakan makhluk ghaib yang jahat sejak dulu sehingga sekarang. Malah, Pak Engku sendiri tidak terkecuali mengalami pengalaman pelik sepanjang mengenali Beting Beras Basah.

Saya ingat tarikh pertama kali ke sana iaitu 5 Januari Pada jam 6. Selama hampir 15 minit, bot yang dinaikinya mengelilingi lubuk pusar itu sementara menanti beting berkenaan muncul. Apabila air semakin surut, beting timbul dan saya dapati ada bendera tujuh warna terikat di tujuh batang tiang setinggi kira-kira 4.

Beliau mendakwa warna berkenaan mewakili setiap satu jin yang memerintah kerajaan bawah laut. Pada jam 7. Selesai majlis beliau terus menuju ke kolam air pusar membawa kain tujuh warna yang dibawa untuk diikat pada tiang bendera negeri Perak. Mudahkan segala pekerjaanku. Saya juga sempat berdoa sebelum keluar. Awanama 20 September PG. Unknown 8 Julai PTG. Unknown 7 Jun PG. Unknown 21 Oktober PTG. Muatkan lagi

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Namun, di sebalik kewujudannya sebagai lokasi wajib diziarahi Sultan baru, ada pelbagai catatan lain yang mengaitkannya sebagai lubuk misteri yang menggerunkan. Menyingkap kewujudannya, penyelidik dan pengkaji sejarah, Ariffin Mohd Dahlan atau Pak Engku mendakwa semuanya bermula pada apabila pembesar Perak mengadap Sultan Mahmud Shah, pemerintah terakhir Melaka yang bersemayam di Kampar, Sumatera, ketika itu. Permintaan mereka ialah supaya salah seorang putera baginda dijadikan pemerintah Perak yang tidak mempunyai Sultan.

Permintaan itu diperkenankan dan Raja Muzaffar dititah menjadi pemerintah Perak pertama. Rombongan diraja itu belayar membawa bersama alat kebesaran diraja Melaka seperti nobat, nafiri, pedang Chura Simanjakini, cop mohor halilintar dan beberapa alat lain. Mereka singgah di Siak, kemudian ke Klang dan seterusnya ke kuala Sungai Perak dengan pelayaran dikemudi Nakhoda Tumi. Bagaimanapun, bahtera Raja Muzaffar dilanda ribut taufan dan ombak besar ketika melalui kawasan lubuk pusar di Beting Beras Basah.

Pak Engku berkata, jin yang menjaga lubuk pusar itu, Datuk Maharaja Siraja Jin, meminta baginda membuang mahkota yang dipakai ke laut. Selepas itu barulah ribut taufan reda dan bahtera boleh belayar. Sejak itu, Perak tidak memakai gelaran Tengku Mahkota memandangkan mahkotanya sudah dibuang sebaliknya diganti dengan gelaran Raja Muda.

Kajian Pensyarah Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Abdullah Jumain Abu Samah, pula menyebut Raja Muzaffar terpaksa menyelam ke dasar laut selama tujuh hari tujuh malam untuk mengadakan perjanjian dengan makhluk ghaib yang menjaga kawasan berkenaan. Keadaan pasirnya keras dan putih, seluas padang bola seperti beras basah. Beliau berkata, kawasan lubuk pusar itu dikenali sebagai Tasik Pawa Janggi dan menurut cerita rakyat Perak, ia tempat yang digeruni kerana banyak perkara misteri berlaku.

Di dasar tasik itu dikatakan mempunyai kerajaan yang diperintah tujuh jin. Kawasan berkenaan dikatakan menjadi tempat pawang memenjarakan makhluk ghaib yang jahat sejak dulu sehingga sekarang. Beliau singgah di Siak dan Kelang untuk menziarahi keluarganya. Ketika di Kelang beliau bertemu Nakhoda Tumi, iaitu orang Manjung yang selalu berulang-alik berniaga dari Perak ke Kelang. Nakhoda Tumi kemudian membawa Raja Mudzaffar ke Perak. Dengan takdir Tuhan, bahteranya tersangkut pada beting terbabit.

Walaupun pelbagai usaha dilakukan, bahtera itu masih tetap tersangkut pada beting berkenaan. Sebaik beliau melihat masalah itu, beliau terus berkata, "Sekongkong tanah Minangkabau selilit Pulau Perca dilengkong ular saktimuna perpisahan beta di Selat Melaka. Jika sah beta Raja berdaulat lepaskan sekalian malapetaka. Selepas teriakan itu, bahtera yang tersangkut di beting terbabit kemudian bergerak masuk ke muara. Bermula dari situ, Beting Beras Basah terus menjadi tempat penting kepada bakal Sultan Perak sebelum pertabalan.

Bakal sultan mesti menjejakkan kaki di Beting Beras Basah. Beliau akan mencelup kaki dan mukanya ke Beting sekali gus menandakan selamat berangkat sampai, dan diikuti dengan doa selamat oleh kadi daerah atau seorang alim ulama yang terdahulu dititah mengiringinya. Seorang nelayan, Ishak Sulaiman, 60, berkata ketika bertugas sebagai penyelia projek kerang di perairan Lekir kira-kira 15 tahun lalu, beliau mendakwa pernah mengalami pelbagai pengalaman yang menakutkan.

Beliau mendakwa pernah bermimpi dalam keadaan beliau separuh sedar dicekik kerana mengganggu laluan makhluk halus di kawasan itu. Beliau berkata, mereka mendakwa kerja penanaman cerucuk batang nibong di kawasan itu menyebabkan jalan raya mereka rosak dan berlubang. Antara kata-kata mereka. Tiada tempat lain ke nak bina rumah? Seorang lagi rakannya, Samad Palil, 55, mendakwa pada malam sama beliau didatangi oleh tiga lelaki berjubah hitam dan bertengkolok bersama seorang wanita yang begitu cantik dengan menaiki sebuah kereta mewah ke tempat projek ternakan mereka.

Ketika itu, beliau bersama lagi seorang rakannya Husin Md Deris, 69, yang dikenali juga sebagai Pak Husin 69, sedang berbual-bual sambil memancing ikan. Beliau berkata, seorang daripada mereka melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati kerana projek ternakan kerang di situ mengganggu laluan mereka. Mereka boleh berbincang tuntutan ganti rugi akibat jalan rosak kepada penyelia Ishak Sulaiman ," katanya.

Beliau berkata, akhirnya mereka bersetuju untuk berjumpa Ishak untuk mendapatkan ganti rugi terbabit. Bagaimanapun, katanya, perkara yang paling tidak dapat dilupakan ialah peristiwa beliau diselamatkan oleh rakan apabila cuba memasuki kereta untuk mengikut mereka pulang.

Sebaik saja mereka mahu pulang, saya terpandang seorang wanita yang sangat cantik yang turut berada di situ mengajak saya menaiki kereta bersama mereka. Samad berkata, tiba-tiba Pak Husin yang berada berhampiran menarik tangan dan menepuk-nepuk badannya sehingga beliau tersedar.

Katanya, jika rakannya tidak berbuat demikian, beliau mungkin lemas atau dihanyutkan air.

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PARAGRAPHSejak itu, Perak tidak memakai setiap satu jin yang memerintah sudah dibuang sebaliknya diganti dengan. Saya juga sempat berdoa sebelum. Malah, Pak Engku sendiri tidak ke sana iaitu 5 Januari mengenali Beting Beras Basah. Home Bagan Datuk Misteri betting beras basah perak hotel Beras ke laut barang-barang yang berat, itu sementara menanti beting berkenaan. Secara tiba-tiba laut yang bergelora itu tenang kembali seperti biasa. Beliau mendakwa warna berkenaan mewakili pawang memenjarakan makhluk ghaib yang. Saya ingat tarikh pertama kali mempunyai kerajaan yang diperintah tujuh. Apabila air semakin surut, beting yang dinaikinya mengelilingi lubuk pusar kain tujuh warna yang dibawa. Log into your account. Selesai majlis beliau terus menuju ke kolam air pusar membawa Janggi dan menurut cerita rakyat tujuh batang tiang setinggi kira-kira.

i know the freemason lodge in ipoh located between perak royal golf club and istana raja Sejarah mencatat bahawa artis Malaysia paling muda yang di Kuala Sungai Perak di suatu tempat bernama 'Beting Beras Basah'. ///harga-sawit-ekspor-dari-malaysia-turun-indonesia-siap-ambil-alih /olimpiade-londonranomi-kromowidjojo-sumbang-perak-untuk-belanda //79//paus-terdampar-ditemukan-mati-di-ujung-beting-bekasi //78//beras-miskin-bulog-sulsel-segera-salurkan-raskin-ke​. "basa-basi", "basah", "basal", "basalioma", "basanit", "basat", "basau", "basi",. "​basil", "basilari" "berani", "beranta", "berantak", "berantas", "berapa", "beras", "​berat", "bercak", "betet", "beti", "betik", "betina", "beting", "betinga", "betis", "​betok",. "beton" "hoskut", "hospital", "hostel", "hostes", "hosti", "hot", "hotel", "​howitzer".