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Tuesday's match between Greece and the Czech Republic has huge implications poland greece betting preview goal both sides poland greece betting preview goal terms of their chances to advance to the knockout stages of the European Championship. Greece was able to come away with a draw in its opening match against Poland in Warsaw, despite playing the majority of the match a man down. Poland greece betting preview goal Polish side looked in control, and it seemed they would start the tournament off with a win, but substitute Dimitris Salpingidis found the back of the net in the 51st minute to tie the game at one. The Czech Republic was taken behind the woodshed by Russia in its first match, falling in embarrassing fashion They'll certainly need a better effort if they want to avoid being all but mathematically eliminated after their first two games. Sokratis Papastathopoulos is suspended for this one after being sent off against Poland on a controversial call, to say the least. Avraam Papadopoulos, another key defensive contributor for the Greeks, is out of the tournament with a knee injury.

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Pirate of betting maron

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Featured Teams. We post pics, all of our feelings, share links, use our GPS, look at our phones looking at us and we find it comforting. So, that whole part of the big plan seems shallow if not bogus. They just want power over all of it but are still beholden to the machines that make life now.

Big tech shut it all down. Is it censorship or the free market protecting itself? We have all been designed, mined and predicted by our choices that we share. The singularity is here, we are the products.

We are content. Our beings have become binary. Souls, hostages. Trending: What should I be doing? Lists: This or that? Content: Distraction profiteering. Personality: Template. Self: Brand. Better late than never. Everything and everyone involved is scrambling to distance themselves from the fire they helped fan. They are all smoking and smoldering as they run and hide from the destructive primal instincts they triggered. I did some yoga the other day.

It felt good. Today I talk to Nicole Kidman. Do I need to say more about that? It was exciting. Anxious as fuck. Shit, sorry. Happy New Year. How was the transition for you? Last week there were two separate assaults by multiple people on one person.

One of them involved bats. As opposed to the fabric of society fraying to the point where the angry and desperate are randomly attacking people in groups. Hey, maybe both! Or maybe reset. Reset with new management. Democracy, work. Find our bearings. Get things functioning for the most people possible again. My brain is on fire.

I do want us all to wake the fuck up though. Today I talk to the Jewish Mandy Patankin. We do the Jew talk about all the big things aside from his actual career. On Thursday I talk to Thundercat about all the big things and a bit of bass. Did you make it through round one of this holiday season? Are you okay? Did you get what you wanted, what you needed, what you asked for? Is there anything that will make it okay ever again?

I hope the holiday was ok. I know a lot of us were spending it alone but it seems that many of us have adapted to using the tech at our fingertips to stay connected to other humans as best we can or, at the very least, engaged in distractions that enable us not to lose our fucking minds. I think one thing we all have learned during the Trump years and into this pandemic is exactly who we are as a country and who our fellow Americans are.

What a bunch of morons live here. Truly inspired idiots all around. Some people I thought were smart are dumb and shallow. Some people I always knew were fucking dumb dumbs turned out to be quite profound in their stupidity. Self-importance abounds on both sides. I had a true moment of love for Los Angeles. I was looking all the way out to the ocean after the winds and short rains of the days before had washed and blown all the garbage out of the air.

I had a moment where LA was not just okay but great. I like my house. I like the city. I have fantasies of going other places. New Mexico, Ireland, the desert. I spent a day out in Joshua Tree with Dean Delray at a house he was renting.

It was the day after Christmas. There is a space that comes with the desert that if you have the mind for it will easily spread your consciousness out. It slows it all down. The quiet is pristine. Good day. A few days would be good. Holidays approach, People. I have no plans. I guess I really never pay much attention to the holidays. The quiet.

The blanket of plague and fear that has muffled life. It goes on. Usually a non-Jew in my case. It came and went this year without me even acknowledging it. I have been spending some time with someone. Realizing where I am emotionally and in my grief. Sorrow is a true motherfucker and letting it settle as the bedrock of who I am is real. Sorrow seems more expansive, more permanent, something that is just there and grows as we age but integrates into our character.

Sadness is a feeling that comes and goes. I thought I had turned a corner with my grief and maybe I had but the sorrow remains and will always be there, with me, informing the rest of my life in good ways and sad ways. That is where Lynn and I created together so the trigger is obvious.

In this role I am playing not only am I using all that I learned from Lynn as a director and fan of mine but I am using my love for her and the loss of her to inform the man I'm playing in the film. Happy Christmas if I don't talk to you. Action, People! Making movies. On location. Being on set has been great. So good. Yes, at first. I have surrendered to my decision though. The plague protocols are in place. I am getting tested three times a week.

Everyone on set is always wearing a mask. The only maskless people are the actors when we are working. Cleaning products. Hand sanitizer. I have a conscious feeling of her being with me. I am not the most confident actor in the world. Lynn always supported my acting and always thought I was great. I know she was in love with me but I believed her. I mean, we made movies and TV together. I also remember what I learned from her in terms of the authenticity of moments.

She is very much with me on set. I just wish she actually was. I will say this though, many memories are becoming blessings. I am working with a totally incredible actress. It is daunting. I used to get that with Brie and Gilpin too. We just meet on set ready to go. I swear the first time we really talked was on Friday, after working together for five days. She felt rushed and wanted to take some time to run lines. I was excited.

We had never done that and we had done a lot of scenes already. She needed time and a bit of space from everyone to focus on our next scene and I was happy to do it with her. That is part of the work. You find stuff that way. Today I talk to an amazing actor, Scott Glenn. I thought he would be intimidating. He was lit up. We talked before the election. On Thursday I talk to Bootsy Collins. He was also lit up but on a whole other frequency. When is the fucking circus leaving town, People?

It just keeps dragging on and on and getting more pathetic every day. The possibility of the mentally ill pig king at the center of global power, who gives zero fucks about anyone, lashing out with all the world's weaponry at his disposal to make his crying boy inside feel right is not a great feeling.

God bless America. Is that a Ramones song? Sorry, it seems that my empathy is drawing its own line. Fuck that monster. In other news, I start shooting a film today. I was nervous about the Covid protocols but now I just seem normal nervous about the work.

I mean, we all do what we have to do to get through real life. Acting like someone else on purpose to tell a story on film is a whole other ball of wax. The reason I feel okay about the safety issues is I took a ride to a location last week to get tested and do hair and make-up tests and a still photo for set dec. Just driving up to a set brought back all the excitement of being in this industry.

Just seeing the security guy as I drove in and just beyond him, movie-making taking place. The set is a town. All kinds of people doing all kinds of jobs and I have one of them. I felt the thrill of it. I felt the comfort of knowing that part of me lives on these sets. I understand them. I felt okay with it. I felt like it might be okay knocks on wood. I think I might, a bit. On Thursday I talk to Brad Williams about being a funny dwarf and other things. Getting centered, People! Maybe I did.

I put a lot of myself out there, on purpose. That comes through years of practice. I have felt a leveling-off lately that I think may be progress. This could all change tomorrow. It might be changing now. I will let the thoughts come and go. The loneliness and fear and grief and isolation that has been happening over the last year has tossed me around quite a bit. Instinctively or reactively my brain and body has been driven to distraction, food, compulsive thinking, sex, PTSD, massive bouts of depression, anger, loneliness, ecstatic nostalgia, crying, emptiness, insane empathy, self-loathing, guilt, prayer, etc.

All the feels and behaviors. I relied on friends and strangers to buoy me and keep me engaged and loved and supported. I relied on movies, music, books, cooking, coffee, exercise and TV to keep me distracted and mostly healthy. It really comes in waves and when they hit they seem to wash all the work and strength away, but only for a bit.

It is in place. I am in place. I just realized this. I have never been more in place and that place is myself. Now I have to reel it in a bit. Now I have to accept the me that is now and quiet the noise and the needs down. Now I have to sit quietly in myself. I have been doing it.

I have been doing the meditating. Seeing kid me in the '70s feeling weird and uncomfortable and scared and seeing my glamorous, selfish parents not really knowing how to handle it. All of us moving through the years. It hit me kind of hard, but good hard. I think I can let that kid live with a little comfort now. For maybe 50 years. He needs to feel okay and I think I can let him. I feel strong enough to do it.

Thanks for all the help. I just really noticed it. Today I actually talk to James Caan. It was nuts but it was good. I wanted to engage with the tough Jew. I loved it. Good talks! Stay home, People! By the time Christmas comes around it will literally be snowing virus.

It will actually be snowing Covid. Going, being there, dealing, getting back. Stay close, small, manageable. Enjoy the break. That being said, I am doing a very streamlined Thanksgiving for a couple of us. A tiny turkey and couple of side dishes and maybe a pie. I want to bake a pie. I want to make sure that I maintain a balanced diet. A balance between joy and shame on my off days. Off days from the barely satisfying healthy diet I have most of the time.

I am slipping, though. We are all slipping. The Covid numbers speak to that. The same thing that makes me rationalize eating foods that are bad for me because of my mild heart disease are basically the reason we are all going to get Covid and we know we are doing it.

The human brain likes to hedge its bets and bank on the odds of denial which is really not even a crap shoot. There is some mixture of entitlement, selfishness, belligerence and annoyance that makes us all a little stupid. No one is going to do that for you now. No one can guarantee your safety in almost any situation in terms of the virus.

I wish we could not be babies. It seems there is hope at the end of the tunnel or at least a better bit of tunnel. He plays Bowie. He asked if we would hold it until the release of his record. Good talks. I plow along through the terror of the times, politically and virally. I deal with the evolving state of my grief and find some room within it to be grounded. I am engaging in creating from all these places one way or the other and I think it is good for me.

It is what I do. The problem in the micro is, in the quiet moments I have, that are generally not on purpose, I see myself. As I am. Now I am dispatched and detached, dealing with my emotions and sense of self relatively solo and guarded. I can tap right into what I used to be, who I always was, an oversensitive, insecure, panicky, self-loathing person who is very hard on himself almost always. I know where it comes from. I found something Lynn wrote and it was devastating. It was early on, I think.

I was getting there. With her. Meditation keeps coming up. Lynn meditated, twice a day. My therapist says that through meditation self-acceptance and self-love is possible. Why do I fight it? I have TIME. She hipped me to the idea that because we are animals we are negative.

It is the human interpretation of constant fight or flight. It takes vigilance and silence to manage it and make it positive. He meant anyone. That the need for distraction itself is addiction. Like a baby. I want caffeine, nicotine, sugar, attention, adulation, sex, etc. I want to feel the now-feels that make me stop feeling the always bad feels. Though I am close. I want to feel like not me. I need to get hip to sitting in silence and continuing what Lynn started in me because she believed.

I have to believe. I knew I would know myself deeper and all the way due to this lockdown and in the shadow of tragedy. I did not know that the struggle would be to find meaning in continuing to get better and still trying to experience happiness and self-love and acceptance in the face of fresh psychic and literal garbage being dumped daily on all of us. Today I have a lovely, compelling talk with Glenn Close.

On Thursday Michael J. Fox takes me through how he maintained positivity in the face of his struggle with Parkinson's. Oh, sweet relief, people. Thank you. Thank you all. The pig president is on his way out in a slumped waddle. We got new management. We needed it. I think we all have to appreciate the fact that we were on the precipice of real fascism here. For real. We have held it back for now. We all should stay engaged, vigilant, help where we can and where it is needed.

Fucking relieved. How grounding was it to hear a couple of old-style, direct, thoughtful, uplifting political speeches from our newly elected human leaders? Kamala was great. We really can't underestimate just the symbolic power of a president and its impact on the people. We have an incoming president and vice president who are competent and concerned.

All the ghouls and stooges will be gone soon and have to find jobs at places that need ghouls and stooges. Barr, Miller, Don Jr. Trump will probably try to lead as some kind of pig royalty in exile. Maybe in Florida or Russia. I think he has automatic oligarch status.

He has enough points. At least for a while longer. What we are as a country in all its diversity will be better represented now. We all have to step up and fight for it. Today I talk to Frank Langella. Great actor. On Thursday I post my pre-election talk with Rhea Seehorn. Another great actor. Great talks all around. Vote, People! You know. This is the last couple of days…of the free world.


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It is presumed he was revived with the other recent victims of King Piccolo and his sons. However he is easily taken down by King Piccolo. An old couple who found King Piccolo 's last egg , which contained Piccolo Jr. The old lady spotted the egg, and she and her husband brought it to their house.

There, they witnessed Piccolo Jr. Later, the young Piccolo Junior burned down the couple's empty house and vowed revenge. The couple only appears in the anime episode Lost and Found and do not appear in the manga. He is celebrating his birthday with his family during the Piccolo Jr. Saga , when Kid Piccolo Jr. While they are distracted, Piccolo Jr. The Namekian ransacks their house and then runs off into the woods. The family sicces their dog on him, but Piccolo Jr.

They discover a dead bear which was killed by a young Piccolo Jr. They first mistake him for an innocent child and warn him that there might be poachers, but Piccolo uses his powers to damage their guns , scaring them away. The Mother of Chuu Lee. Pippi is Chuu Lee's pet bird that ran away, causing Chuu Lee to wait for it. The bird is female in the Japanese version, but male in the English dub. Goku's Doll is a magical clay golem of Goku created by Mr.

Popo for Goku to use as a sparring partner in the lookout. Its only appearance was in the Dragon Ball episode " Goku's Doll. The doll is a near-complete duplicate of Goku, except with Mr. Popo's eyes and a slightly different version of the Turtle School uniform , it being a lighter shade of orange with red wristbands and Kami's symbol.

At first, it also wears a red-and-white mask. Popo created the doll using a strand of Goku's hair in response to Goku's repeated requests to give him an opponent to fight with. The doll had the upper hand against Goku during most of their fight, as unlike Goku, it has no interference with its mind and can concentrate completely on the battle.

In the end, Goku seemingly managed to concentrate his mind and defeat the doll, but in reality, the doll simply ran out of energy, reverting to its lifeless state. As stated by Mr. Popo himself, the doll has exactly the same skills as Goku, but can focus completely on fighting and nothing else.

As a result, it initially dominates Goku in the fight, with Goku only winning because the doll ran out of power. He is not seen fighting in the Elimination Rounds but he apparently lost them since he was not one of the eight finalists. His only appearance is in the anime episode " Changes ". The son of Shen. When his father's body had been borrowed by Kami , Hero's son was rooting for his father during in the whole 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

After Kami freed Shen while he was sucked into an Evil Containment Wave container by Piccolo , his father woke up in the ring confused and the boy was seen congratulating his father. Pansy's father is a resident in the Land of Gurumes and a seemingly strong fighter.

He saved Pansy from one of King Gurumes ' soldiers but was beaten up by Bongo as a result. Pansy's mother is a resident of the Land of Gurumes. She was watching the kingdom being bulldozed down in search of Blood Rubies. She yelled out when Pansy attacked one of King Gurumes ' soldiers.

When her dad came out to save her he was beaten up by Bongo. She came out of the crowd to rush over to her beaten husband. They are only seen in their pajamas in one scene of the film. The boy tells their mother that they should make sure that the gas is completely off and the daughter tells the father that he should not be smoking a cigarette in bed. Billy is a boy from Spinach Wastes. His only appearance is in the Dragon Ball Z episode " The New Threat ," where he is seen from a distance falling off the roof of a farm building into a haystack where one of the farmers is heard saying "Good one Billy".

She is only referred to as "Tien's Mom" in the credits of the Funimation dub , and is simply an unnamed Otherworld resident in the original Japanese version. Princess Snake 's servant girls are always at her side. In a scene cut from televised airings, one of the servant girls pulls out a magnum pistol, explaining she likes to play Russian roulette to pass the time and quickly loses the game when the gun's bullet goes through her head.

In the latter, they are enemies that show the ability to contort and elongate their arms to attack their opponents. Also in Attack of the Saiyans , those called Princess Servants are blonde and wear green dress while those called Princess' Guards have dark hair and wear purple dress. A doctor who works in Wukong Hospital.

He slightly resembles Dr. Brief and sounds quite similar to him , except with slightly spikier hair, a smaller mustache, and is remarkably taller. This doctor takes care of Goku when he is in the hospital after his battle against Vegeta. He and the nurse refuse to let Goku train with his bad arm. Later, he does not want Yajirobe to give him a Senzu Bean , and both he and the nurse are quite shocked to see it completely heal Goku. They then watch shockingly when Goku leaves the hospital and flies away on his Flying Nimbus.

She is saved by Gohan when a fire breaks out in the spaceship. After Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan save the ship from destruction and leave, Emi is never seen again. These 3 soldiers welcome Vegeta on the space pod landing place when he returned to Planet Frieza 79 heavily wounded from his defeat on Earth and wondered about Nappa 's whereabouts, they noticed his power level and health were drastically low and immediately evacuate him to the Medical Machine where a Malaka's race doctor treated him.

According to the Dragon Ball Cardass , these 3 soldiers' combined battle power is 2, The control tower soldier is a blue-haired humanoid who works for Frieza , he is in charge of the control tower that moderate the flights in and out from Planet Frieza 79 , where he settled. His first appearance is in the late Vegeta Saga , when the heavily wounded Vegeta returns to Planet Frieza 79 to get recovery from his hard battle against the Dragon Team on Earth.

His last appearance is in the Frieza Saga , where he's moderating both Final Form Frieza's and Super Saiyan Goku 's power levels with a Malaka's race doctor, using the planet's special Scouter -like computer system that eventually exploded due to Goku's high power level. His fate is unknown but he might have died as the rest of Frieza's henchmen who were around.

According to the Dragon Ball Cardass , the control tower soldier's battle power is 3, This is a purple Appule's race member who is first and only seen once Vegeta returns to Planet Frieza 79, he can be seen playing chess or a similar game with the blue haired humanoid Control Tower soldier listed above, until a siren that indicates Vegeta's space pod is coming interrupts their game. He is later can be seen talking with Malaka when Vegeta is out from the Medical Machine.

According to the Dragon Ball Cardass , the Appule-like control tower soldier's battle power is 3, Or is the wound to your ego still too raw to be examined? Judging by these stress fractures in your protective armor, you must've received quite a beating, and that's putting it lightly. I hope you're not entertaining ideas of revenge, I might not be here to put you back together next time. After Vegeta was healed, the doctor was shocked at the excessive damage to the armor that occurred during the Saiyan's visit to Earth.

When Vegeta rushes to his pod to go to Namek , he runs into this Malaka's race doctor holding a scouter , which the defecting Saiyan takes reluctantly. Still on Planet Frieza 79, the doctor and other soldiers were monitoring the battle between Goku as a Super Saiyan and Frieza. However, the machines could not handle Goku's power level after reading Frieza's and exploded over all the soldiers who were in the room alongside this medic.

His manga debut was on " The Return of Vegeta ". They made their debut in the episode " Frieza Strikes! The appearance of Banan is marked by lilac-pigmented skin, horns, orange hair with a mustache and a blue scouter adorned over his face. The partners are sent to investigate two unknown power levels detected by Zarbon on Namek. During their search, they encounter Bulma, Krillin and Gohan, the latter two being the source of these power levels, who had only recently touched down on Namek.

In response they are easily overwhelmed by Krillin and Gohab, who had been suppressing their power levels a tactic they learned from their experiences with the conflict against Vegeta and Nappa , who relied too heavily on the readings of their scouter, a standard issue accessory among Frieza's army.

It is likely that the teal Frieza Soldier , Banan, and Strock are of the same race. According to Daizenshuu 7 , they are lowest level warriors with power levels below 1, Additionally Banan's non-playable card features a different coloration to what it was in the main series. Like his partner's card, Banan's non-playable card comes in all five card types. As the Frieza Force Officer lacks an arm cannon, he damages the Spaceship with a Ki Blast instead though the Commando fulfills Banan's role by suggesting the Officer take out the ship to prevent the Earthlings from escaping.

Like the original Reconnaissance Team, the Commando and Officer are defeated by Krillin and Gohan who had been concealing their power beforehand. Ronme is a soldier in the Frieza Force who fought at the battle at Moori's village. He first appeared in " Namek's Defense ". Ronme led the charge of Frieza's men at the Namekians. However, during the battle against the Namekian warriors, Ronme was defeated and killed. During the battle at Moori's village, Krumbo attacks one of the Namekian warriors with a heavy punch but the Namek blocks it.

Krumbo is killed soon after. Like Banan and Blueberry's cards, his coloration is different from the main series. He was shown giving Frieza a Dragon Ball in one of the first episodes Frieza appeared in. He is the same alien race as Goose , who appeared later in the saga. In the Ocean dub, Frieza refers to him as "my little frog-faced warrior", and he is also named "Frog-Face" in the Frieza Saga card set from the collectible card game.

He is killed when one of the three Namekian warriors deflects an energy blasts from another soldier in different directions, and one of the blasts ricochets and fries him to death. According to Dragon Ball Carddass his power level is 2, The Ginyu Force had a number of low-level Frieza Force soldiers, whom are of various races, who took care of their launchings and space pods below the surface of Planet Frieza Some of them drove green trucks with the Ginyu Force's insignia on them.

This unit probably went defunct after the Ginyu Force died on Planet Namek. These are the characters who try out for a spot in the Ginyu Force , who appears in the anime only. Strock is of the same alien race as the teal Frieza Soldier and Banan.

He is the same alien race as Raspberry , and has darker skin. He holds the rank of captain. Unfortunately for Strong, he messes up while posing during his tryout and is knocked into the sky by Captain Ginyu. Goose is a green-headed, pale-yellow-skinned humanoid dilophosaurus-like alien.

He is the same alien race as the Frog-Face soldier who appeared in the Namek Saga. During his tryout for the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu knocks him into the sky because, according to Ginyu, Goose did not have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force. During his tryout, Captain Ginyu grows tired of the activity and declares the tryout over, knocking Oggers into the sky, along with all the other remaining candidates.

This was one of King Vegeta's messenger soldiers of the Royal Guard. King Vegeta gave him the mission to capture planet Tazba for Frieza, but the Saiyan failed to capture the planet on time due to the full moon being three days away. Zorn is an anime-only Saiyan character that appears in one of Frieza 's flashbacks. Zorn stands to the left of King Vegeta's throne and briefly pleads with him to not hand Prince Vegeta over to Frieza, which King Vegeta angrily responds to by saying he has no choice in the matter.

Zorn possibly died along with the King and other Elite Saiyans during their failed assassination attempt on Frieza or perished with the rest of the Saiyans in Age , when Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta. The unnamed Saiyan Elites are three Saiyans who were likely high-ranking, mid-class members of the Saiyan Army , much like Nappa. They appear in anime- filler only, when Vegeta recalls his past in " The End of Vegeta ".

The first elite has black hair and black Battle Armor , the second elite has blonde hair and green Battle Armor, and the third elite has reddish-like hair and black-and-green Battle Armor. Interestingly, each wears a green scouter and their Battle Armor designs are nearly identical from each other's and Bardock 's. On an unnamed planet, the three Saiyan elites and Nappa were laughing in entertainment after Prince Vegeta sadistically blasts an inhabitant.

When the inhabitants fight back, the Saiyans were protected by an Energy Shield. One was kneeling and looked bored while the other two were standing behind Nappa as the three and Prince Vegeta witness King Vegeta destroying the inhabitants, the planet and two other planets in the vicinity with an Explosive Wave.

A high ranked soldier from the same alien race as Cui who only appears in the anime. His facial appearance and armor are similar to Cui , with the exception of him wearing a cape over his armor. His loyalty to Frieza is strong, as shown when he orders to kill another of his own race when that soldier insulted Frieza in front of other warriors by presuming Frieza was dying. Upon executing the soldier, the high ranked soldier mentions that he owes Frieza for raising his family's station social rank.

However, when they try to read Goku's power level, the machine overloads and the high ranked soldier presumably dies in the explosion along with the rest of the soldiers. In the Garlic Jr. Saga , Vegeta ruthlessly slaughtered some of Frieza's men on a distant planet in search of Goku.

This bird -like soldier was the last surviving soldier on the battlefield, from a dodo bird-like alien species called the Litts though the species is only named in the Japanese version. He wondered why Frieza would order Vegeta to do something like that to his race. Vegeta interrogated this soldier, hoping to get some answers on Goku's whereabouts. Vegeta interrogates the Litt Frieza Soldier, hoping to gain clues to where Goku is. Vegeta then went on to explain about how Kakarot was the one who killed Frieza and that Vegeta had betrayed Frieza.

This left the soldier in shock and he was angered at this, thinking that the Saiyan prince was lying. He tried to shoot him with his arm Cannon. In reciprocation, Vegeta grabbed and crushed the gun in front of his face before he even had a chance to fire and Vegeta then blew his face up with a ki beam. Saga episode Krillin's Proposal , Krillin, while planning his engagement to his then-girlfriend Maron , imagined what life would be like after marriage, with it being shown that they'd have at least three children.

One of them would have been a son who resembled Krillin, and was presumably the oldest child, another would have been a daughter who apparently inherited Maron's hair color, and the third was a newborn that was being held by Maron. The son wore a gi resembling the Turtle School , implying that he would have followed in Krillin's footsteps and trained under Master Roshi, while the daughter was shown to be shy.

This unnamed Captain discovers the remains of Frieza amongst the rubble of Namek in outer space. This Captain is an unnamed human-like humanoid who works as a soldier in King Cold 's interplanetary operations. The captain is responsible for the discovery of what remains of Frieza, after his climactic battle with Super Saiyan Goku. After Future Trunks interferes, however, this Captain and his comrades effortlessly fall victim to the youth from the future.

His power level should be over 75,, at least since Frieza considered him and his crew to be able to defeat the Z-Warriors who fought him on Namek, of whom Krillin who was the weakest had that kind of power level in the beginning of the fight. Malaka's race medic appeared on King Cold's planet monitoring Frieza in the Medical Machine as well as helping other scientists construct Frieza's new mechanical body for King Cold.

Future Android 19 is Android 19 's counterpart mentioned by Future Trunks. According to Future Trunks, Future Dr. Gero created Future Android 19 along with Future Android 20, but was killed by the two of them. Future Trunks fought them but fighting alone was defeated.

Cletus and Otis are two Earthlings who are shown in a semi during Vegeta 's battle with Android 18 in the episode " Deadly Beauty ". Cletus notices that Vegeta and 18 are on top of the semi, but Otis who is driving does not believe him. In the episode " Deadly Beauty ", Vegeta threatens to blast Android 18 , who is standing several meters away from him on the road. A truck drives behind Android 18 and the driver yells for her and Vegeta to get out of the middle of the road, as he has a truckload of paperclips he needs to unload.

With no regard for the safety of the driver, Vegeta shoots a Big Bang Attack at Naturally, she dodges and the blast hits the paperclip truck and blows it up, killing the driver. Android 17 comments that he likes to see destruction such as this. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Android 13 , and the logo on his truck's passenger door closely resembles the insignia of the Ginyu Force.

It is worth noting that, due to the nature of his death at the hands of Vegeta, he is never wished back to life in the original series. In the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z Kai , the driver is left alive instead of dying from Vegeta's attack, as he can be heard exclaiming "Dude, my truck!!

It is possible that he got out the truck before it exploded; in the Japanese version he actually doesn't say anything. In the episode " Blackmail ", a big truck with a similar-looking driver nearly collides with Great Saiyaman in Satan City. Both this driver and the paperclip driver are wearing a hat that says "98CIAL". In the episode " Deadly Beauty ", around the time Turtle saved Maron after an accident involving a sailboard that nearly caused her to drown, two men in a boat saw her, and landed on Roshi's island to pick her up.

Maron attempted to rush out to them, although Turtle prevented her from doing so, trying to remind her of waiting for her ex-boyfriend Krillin. The two men then tried to take advantage of Maron, with the latter largely being oblivious to their ill intentions towards her, resulting in Turtle intercepting them and then effortlessly beating them with Toshio's Turtle-style, causing the two men to flee. One man had brown hair and freckles as well as light skin, while the other had black hair, tanned skin, and shades.

Rex and Natalie were two more characters in a television show that was being watched by Master Roshi and Maron in the episode " Last Ditch Effort ". The show concluded with Rex breaking up with Natalie, and then walking away from her, while Natalie pleaded for him to come back.

In the Ocean Group's dub, their names are Blake and Crystal. Maron handing her suitcase to Tommie in his boat as she leaves Master Roshi's Island. He makes his first and only appearance in the series during the th episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime, " Last Ditch Effort ", during the Androids Saga. He is a muscular Human with black hair. When he arrives on Master Roshi's island, he is seen wearing a light blue-green top the same color as his boat , red shorts and black sunglasses.

Tommie shows up on Master Roshi's Island while Maron is watching a sad, love story movie. When the movie is ending they hear a noise outside that is when Mack arrives on Master Roshi's Island, followed by Tommie. They are followed by many of Maron's other boyfriends. When Master Roshi asks who all of the men are Maron replies by saying, "I was bored so I called up a few boyfriends". Maron then runs inside, grabs her bags and hops into the boat with Tommie.

She and all of her boyfriends are never seen again in Dragon Ball Z. He and the other boyfriends each come in their own small boats. He and Tommie are the first two of Maron's boyfriends to show up, followed shortly thereafter by roughly a dozen more. Two men who work for Lucky Foods. They had their car stolen by Android 18 , Android 17 , and Android 16 while they were having a hot coffee. They attempted to stop the Androids , but stopped when they saw Android 16 lifting the car, leaving them in awe.

Walter is one of the police officers pursuing the Androids after 18 shoplifted an outfit from a clothing store. While on the chase, 18 got out of the van and took out all of the police cars with ease, halting their pursuit. After the police cars had been taken out of commission by 18, Walter and another police man laid beaten and dumbfounded in their car, with the other cop asking him what had just happened.

In Cell's original timeline, an alternate Future Trunks went into the past and helped Goku just as in the main timeline. Future Trunks and the Z Fighters manage to defeat the Androids and he travels back to his alternate future timeline. Since this was a completely different timeline, the events of Cell never occurred and he did not expect to encounter Cell and may not have even been aware of Cell's existence. When he returned to Age of his alternate future timeline, he disabled the other future Androids and was going to go back to the past to tell the others of their defeat.

Instead, he ran into and fought with Cell who killed him and then went on to take Future Trunks' time machine into the main timeline. The death of Future Trunks seemingly brought the Saiyan race to extinction in his specific timeline. Cell was then killed in the main timeline by Gohan.

However, the time machine this Future Trunks used became really useful for the primary timeline Future Trunks in the Dragon Ball Super anime. After his own time machine was destroyed by Goku Black , Bulma revealed to Future Trunks that she had kept the alternate time machine stowed away for her own studies. Cell mentions Future Nappa in his retelling of how he obtained his cells, noting Future Nappa's battle with Future Gohan and how he killed Future Piccolo.

He presumably never returned to Cell's timeline after leaving and the Z Fighters there were killed by that timeline's Androids. He briefly appeared in the episode " His Name is Cell ". He is physically identical to Future Trunks during the Trunks Saga. Barry Walters is a reporter who hosts a live broadcast in one of the cities desecrated by Cell during his absorption outbreaks.

Here, Walters suggests various ways that viewers can avoid being absorbed, as Cell is still at large and imperfect during this time. He appears in the episode " Our Hero Awakes ". Beverly Jones was a news reporter who was reporting an update on Cell's destruction. She said that Cell was attacking South City, and hearing this gave the Z Warriors the idea to try and ambush him in South City by flying there in a ship so their powers would not be sensed.

While on their way to South City, Goku healed and teleported into the ship. She has the same hairstyle as the female Saiyan Fasha. John Johnson is a reporter during the time Cell was absorbing people. He appeared in the episode "Our Hero Awakes". After reporter Barry Walters was done with his report, he went back to John Johnson though he said he was going back to someone named Roy.

John told everyone to stay safe and be prepared. Cell, who had just absorbed a gunman and was watching the report at the time, responded by kicking the TV, shattering its screen. Two men with "The Super Saiyan" shirts are seen twice in the series. It is not clear if they even know about Saiyans. This was probably a joke. The first man appears in " Saiyans Emerge " when Semi-Perfect Cell is threatening to kill the people on the nearby islands if Android 18 will not show herself. He has light brown hair, and wears a plain white T-shirt with gold letters which read "The Super Saiyan".

The screen at this time shows a couple of citizens, and he is shown standing to another man. Marsha was a blond character on a TV Soap Opera who was seen being dumped by her boyfriend on the television shortly before Cell's broadcast to the world about his Cell Games. He meets Goku in the Northern Wastelands desert and tells him about the upcoming tornado while the Saiyan was searching for one of the seven Dragon Balls during the ten day period before the Cell Games.

Lionel sometimes called "Nigel" is a cameraman who works for ZTV. Satan to persuade them that he defeated Cell. Satan 's victory parade. In the Dragon Ball Super manga, it is revealed after Cell's defeat, he managed to capture footage of Android 17 who appeared on the battlefield where the Cell Games took place after being revived by Shenron.

This footage was later incorporated into the end of the movie " re-creation " of Mr. Satan's battle with Cell which appears during a talk show interview of Mr. Satan that occurs during the Universe Survival Saga. The interviewer asks Mr. Satan about the footage of the mysterious 17, though Mr.

Satan believing he is suggesting Cell survived is quick to dismiss it. An old man was one of the survivors of the attack of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 on Parsley City , trapped in an overturned car. The man had a son who was murdered by Android 17 during the attack implied in the FUNimation original and remastered dubs to be the same boy who Android 18 thought was cute and was angered with 17 for murdering , getting him enraged enough to attempt to shoot Android 17, weakly shouting "You demon!

That was my son you killed! Unfortunately, Android 17's enhanced body structure allowed the bullet to bounce off his head and notice the old man, with the old man attempting to drive him away futilely by repeatedly shooting at him with his handgun. He then ends up at the mercy of 17 who intends to play "draw" with him by pointing his gun inches from the old man's chin , stating he can not spare the old man since "he shot first".

However, he is narrowly saved by Future Trunks' Ki Blast aimed at 17, bracing for the Ki blasts impact with a building. He is later helped up after Androids 17 and 18 are vanquished by Trunks, who expresses sympathy to his mourning for his son by stating that he knew a man he viewed like a father who was killed by the Androids.

In the manga, however, he is killed by Android 17 before Trunks shows up, with the exact circumstances of his death varying between versions: In the original manga, Android 17 killed him by shooting him with his pistol like what he was about to do in the anime, while in the Viz edition, 17 simply punches him out. While she didn't make any on-screen appearances, Yamcha joking mentions to the other Z-Fighters about using the third wish from Shenron to grant him a necklace for his girlfriend.

Her and Yamcha appear to have broken up sometime during the seven year gap between the events of the Cell Saga and Majin Buu Saga. Cell of timeline 4, who achieved his Perfect Form and held the Cell Games as in the main timeline, albeit without the presence of any Future Trunks. He is seen beating the Gorilla during the Other World Tournament [19] , but did not make it to the final rounds. During the final of the tournament, East Kai makes him run laps along with her other students for losing their fights.

The two are a pair of brothers, with the larger one being the elder brother. The two do not appear in the Dragon Ball Z anime, aside from a cameo in one opening. The two appear during the Majin Buu Saga , where Videl is called out to stop them, and she defeats the elder brother after a short battle.

The younger brother tries to shoot her but Gohan as the Great Saiyaman shows up and stops him, when he tries to retreat in his car Gohan catches him and takes him down. The two return in an anime only segment after the finale of the "Future" Trunks Saga. They have been in jail up until that day due to Videl and Gohan and go to rob a bank. They are confronted by police officer Krillin and the elder brother attempts to attack with his military armor's Arm Cannon though Krillin dodges all of his shots.

Suddenly Great Saiyaman shows up however and the two are alarmed to see him, however before they can proceed Watagash shows up and possess the younger brother, empowering him and having him smash his older brother into a wall, before bulking up and attacking Gohan, he is defeated however when Gohan uses his Great Saiyaman Beam. The elder brother is quite strong for a human, able to stand up to Videl for a short period of time. Miss Hamilton is the English teacher of Gohan and Videl 's class.

Jimbo and Slimjim were the first two members of the Red Shark Gang to be seen, when they are on a joyride terrorizing citizens. Gohan steps up to fight them, but when he sees Videl watching, he lets his guard down because he does not want her to know of his strength, and Jimbo lands a punch to Gohan's face. Then, Videl jumps in and takes out Jimbo with ease, and the two flee back to their gang.

It is implied that his punching Gohan still managed to injure him to a certain extent, even with Gohan faking his lack of strength, because Jimbo remarked that punching Gohan was "like punching a wall of solid steel" with his knuckles being noticeably bruised as he says this. Shortly later, they are seen with their gang, who held the Satan City Mayor at knife point, demanding that Mr. Satan come out to fight their leader, Rock. They both later appear in " People of Earth Unite " when Gohan tries to convince people to give energy to Goku's Super Spirit Bomb , although Slimjim now has blonde hair.

A short while later into the same episode, when Mr. Satan thinks of the people on Earth, one of the people he thinks of is Slimjim with his hair now back to the brown color. Chad and Loretta were two characters in the romantic movie that Gohan and Angela went to in the Satan City Theater on their first and only date. At about the time Angela was offended by Gohan falling asleep, Loretta was on the verge of breaking up with Chad because of an alleged letter he wrote to a third unseen party named Katie in the movie.

Ed was the man piloting the helicopter that Videl rode to the burning building in the FUNimation dub episode called "Gohan's First Date". After Videl jumped out of the helicopter despite Ed warning her that it was too dangerous, she nearly died before the Great Saiyaman assisted her in putting out the fire.

Ed is voiced by Christopher Sabat. Nick Hornby is a news anchor who interviewed the Great Saiyaman after he rescued a falling jet in the episode called " I'll Fight Too! He was said to work for channel He appeared in both the manga in cameos during the world tournament saga where he acts as a background character and anime in " Learn to Fuse!

After Babidi made his telepathical broadcast to the Earth demanding the whereabouts of Trunks , Goten , and Piccolo. Marvin, who had their information from the Tournament, contacted Babidi and told him their names he said that one of them was named Ma Junior, since Piccolo registered under that name , hoping Babidi would spare him. However, Babidi wanted to know where they were located, something Marvin did not know.

Babidi then ruthlessly kills him by using his powers to inflate his head until it exploded and then tells all the people of Earth that if they could not find their addresses in 5 days, Majin Buu would kill them all. One assumes he was revived by the Dragon Balls. The 8 actors that made up the Dragon Team are Y. Ebisawa, T. Kanno, Y. Inoue, M. Tominaga, T. Ianifuji, M. Fukushi, K. Isiwata , and T. Ashida but the credits did not clarify which actor was which character. The other two characters that were clarified are M.

Hashimoto as Mr. Satan and K. Fujicka as Cell. He is defeated by Mr. Satan who is played by M. His first name is unknown, and his face is not seen but it is shown that he has reddish hair. Hashimoto is the actor who starred in the Cell Games Reenactment , playing the role of Mr. In the documentary, he wears a large Mr. Satan mask and defeats Cell being played by an actor named K.

In the Funimation dub , Mr. Satan mentions that the mask Hashimoto wears has his expression entirely wrong, not to mention that it is embarrassing. Dressed as Mr. Satan, the Mr. Hashimoto is the name of a journalist who works for NBS News. He cornered Mooki with his sumo attacks, and in the end won by shoving him off of the arena. However, he also knocked the announcer off as well. He seemed like a fairly strong contestant, but unfortunately he lost midway through, and did not make it to the finals.

He loses his match when Koryuu pushes him out of the ring. Although he loses his match, the crowd cheers for him as Mr. Satan shown in one of his more heroic moments hoists him above his shoulder. Sharpner gets a shot of him unmasked, but Piccolo destroys all the cameras so it was useless. Fred is a man in the audience of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament who was speaking with a friend before Trunks fought Mr. Satan in the exhibition match.

Fred told his friend that he would not even let his kid in the ring with Mr. Satan if they were in Trunks' position, since he thought Mr. Satan was too strong for him. A girl Majin Buu was interested in until she did not show any interest back and was eaten. She has orange red hair and wears a yellow bandana with gold hoop earrings, with a red tube top with black stripes, pink pants with pink and white shoes with yellow socks.

During her encounter with Innocent Buu, she is shown to be reasonably terrified of him due to the destruction he caused. She lies at first when Buu asks her if he is sexy out of fear but when he tries to kiss her she reveals she doesn't. Even when Buu alters his face to resemble actor, Barry Kahn after seeing his face on a magazine that fell out of her bag thinking she fines Barry attractive.

The girl catches Majin Buu's interest while he is attacking her city. She is asked if she thinks he is sexy. Scared, she replies with a yes to not anger Buu, but when Majin Buu tries to kiss her, she screams. Her magazine falls out of her bag and when Majin Buu sees it, he made his face look like a celebrity in the magazine, Barry Kahn.

However, the girl still does not kiss Buu. When Majin Buu gets tired of her, he turns her into candy and eats her. It is assumed she was later brought back to life by Porunga. If she was revived her memory of her traumatic encounter and death at the hands of Innocent Buu was presumably erased by the wish to Shenron to erase the memories of his rampage to give Good Buu a second chance.

Bongo is a large pink robot rabbit that shook hands with Pan while she was on Goku's shoulders at the 28th World Tournament. Bongo told Pan that she was his best friend. He is not to be confused with the other character named Bongo the muscular man serving King Gurumes in the movie Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies or Krillin as he is named in the Harmony Gold dub.

During the events of the Kanassan war , he is able to draw blood on the Great Ape form of Shugesh with a small but powerful Ki Blast. After telling his commander of his success in injuring the Saiyan , he is stepped on and killed. The unnamed Namekian makes his only appearance during the opening scene of the The Return of Cooler , where he is shown being chained up with other members of his race by Cooler 's Cyclopian Guards.

After witnessing a fellow Namekian falling from exhaustion and being dragged without mercy by one of the guards, the Namekian warrior breaks out of his chains and attacks the robot. He is evidently stopped and caught in the guard's clamping hands, and is then thrown viciously to the ground. Before the guard is able to kill the Namekian with his blaster , Gohan shows up and deflects the blast. Tony is a cameraman who works for ZTV.

He was covering X. Satan 's fighters dressed up. A machine gunner who is taken down by Gohan in his Great Saiyaman outfit in the movie Wrath of the Dragon. This machine gunner wears a bandolier and holsters a machine gun, as well as a skull cap. In his actual appearance, he is portrayed with a red shirt, but he is seen with a green shirt for his figurine included in the Super Guerriers series. She observes the battle against the God of Destruction Beerus from afar and wonders if Capsule Corporation is using fireworks again when she sees an explosion cause by one of Vegeta 's attacks on the God of Destruction.

She is modeled after and voiced by the Olympic gold-medalist Kaori Matsumoto. In the movie they were only seen standing next to Sorbet's throne and in the scene of Frieza's regeneration, however in the Dragon Ball Super adaptation one of them was also seen accompanying Shisami. They were probably defeated during Frieza's revenge by the Dragon Team and were killed by Frieza himself. A character only referred to as Officer is a Third Stellar Region army soldier, who acts as an adviser to Sorbet.

His appearance is of a humanoid frog small in stature, he is the same race as Burpman. Main article: Golden Frieza Saga The Officer is on Sorbet's Spaceship just after Vados shook it, where he informs Sorbet that their elites on Planet Frieza are dying and that there are not much soldiers to be sent to help them against the natives' rebellion due to other conflicts their army is dealing with.

Later on that movie he's seen in the Medical Machine room where the newly revived Frieza is being treated, after the tyrant wakes up he blasts Tagoma into outer-space and causes Sorbet's Adviser to fall to space as well, before Sorbet commands his men to deploy the force field shield and the adviser is helped by his comrades back to the ship.

Sorbet's adviser is shown to be brought to Earth as part of Frieza's army, where he faces the Dragon Team and Jaco who easily defeats him and his fellow Frieza Soldiers. The unnamed character is an old man who appears as a customer in one of the shops Goten and Trunks were visiting to get a gift for Videl. Trunks got the idea to go to a cosmetics store for lotion after seeing a man rubbing his girlfriend's face, complimenting her on how smooth it is.

When they get there, they see the man ranting about the ridiculous prices in the store, with him saying the hot spring where he lives will make anybody look young again. Trunks asks for directions and the man points where to go in a silly manner. They thank him and leave to search for the spring. He bears a light tan jacket and hat, and carries a staff with him as well.

The ambassador of Planet Snack , with his secretary shows up at Earth after overhearing Mr. Satan gloat about his false victory over "Beebus", an imaginary God of Destruction. Satan makes up the story to keep the public's attention away from Goku and the Z-Fighters and take credit for himself.

The ambassador doesn't believe Mr. Satan was truly responsible for the defeat of Beerus , until his secretary points to a giant golden statue of Mr. The ambassador then rewards Satan for his "heroic deeds" by handing him a medal called the " Hero's Medal ". But before he can, Galbee wants to test Satan's strength to see if he's a hoax or not.

Satan asks Goku to fight for him, and Goku agrees. However, he has to leave after Chi-Chi spots him, and asks Mr. Satan to fake punch him. He flies away with his tractor over a building. Left helpless, Mr. Satan is almost punched, but Galbee spots Bee behind him and runs away in terror.

The ambassador and secretary follow suit, all of them leaving because of their fear of dogs. Satan's delusion of the battle between Goku and Beerus, and is an alternative version of Beerus envisioned by Mr. In Satan's re-telling he defeated Beavis using his " God form ".

This is the Goku who existed in the original, unaltered main timeline where the original present Zamasu originates from. His history was originally the same as the Goku from the altered main timeline before Future Trunks time traveled to the past and disrupted the main timeline's time stream. In the anime this Goku's life was the same as the Goku from the altered present timeline up until sometime after the Tournament of Destroyers where Future Trunks never came to disrupt the timeline leading to Zamasu using the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku.

A year later, Goku was farming with Goten one day and suddenly found that his body had been switched with Zamasu 's. After Goten brought Chi-Chi to see, Zamasu suddenly appeared, in Goku's body and quickly killed him and his family. Because this Goku was killed, the Tournament of Power never occurred in this Timeline. This was originally the fate of the main timeline Goku, but Future Trunks' interfence and Beerus destroying the Zamasu from the altered main prevented it from ever happening in the altered main timeline.

Main article: Super Saiyan While never actually seen in this form, this Goku has access to all of the transformations that the Goku from the altered main timeline had at the time when he sparred with the Zamasu, and thus has access to this form. Furthermore, since this Goku is known to possess, and was actually seen in, the Super Saiyan 2 form, it can be inferred that he possess the first Super Saiyan form as well.

Main article: Super Saiyan 2. Main article: Zamasu The Zamasu from the original, unaltered main timeline swapped bodies with the Goku from the original, unaltered main timeline, resulting in Goku gaining Zamasu's body - to the alarm of his family, and soon after was killed by Zamasu.

In the original history of the main timeline before Future Trunks traveled back and disrupted the main timeline's time stream, Goku was farming with Goten one day and suddenly found that his body had been switched with Zamasu 's, after Goten brought Chi-Chi to see, Zamasu suddenly appeared, in Goku's body, and quickly killed him. He then proceeded to kill Chi-Chi and Goten. This would later be prevented from happening in the altered main timeline due to Beerus destroying Zamasu.

Goten is only known to have been killed by Black in the anime, his status is unknown in the manga. In the original history of the main timeline before Future Trunks traveled back and disrupted the main timeline's time stream, Goku was farming with Goten one day and suddenly found that his body had been switched with Zamasu 's, after Goten brought Chi-Chi to see, Zamasu suddenly appeared, in Goku's body and quickly killed him.

This event would later be prevented from happening in the altered main timeline due to Beerus destroying Zamasu in the altered main timeline. Chi-Chi is only known to have been killed by Black in the anime; her status is unknown in the manga. In the original history of the main timeline before Future Trunks traveled back in time, the original present Gowasu is killed by the original present Zamasu who would take the rank of Supreme Kai in order to have a Time Ring on his right index finger.

This Gowasu's death is mentioned by Black who reveals his origins both in the anime and manga. The Masked Poacher is one of the poachers riding in a jeep that Goku encounters while searching for Android 17 on Monster Island in the manga. He wears a mask that was removed by Goku.

He wears a mask similar to the one worn by Mighty Mask. When unmasked by Goku, he is revealed to be a balding Earthling male with a mustache. Poacher A is a heavy set Earthling with a beard. He is among the Poachers that try to poach wildlife on Monster Island. Poacher B is a lanky Earthling. Obni's family is Obni's child, and spouse. They reside in Universe Obni's spouse and child reside in Universe After Obni, Team Universe 10 's final warrior, was eliminated from the Tournament of Power he dropped a picture of him with his family.

Gohan quietly stares at the photo until it gets erased along with the rest of Universe 10 by the Omni - Kings. Obni's family was revived along with the rest of Universe 10 when Android 17 wished to restore all the universes. This villainous demon is a mysterious entity who killed Jiren 's parents and destroyed his entire village.

Before the demon could kill Jiren, he was saved by Gicchin. Years later, when Jiren returned with his allies and his teacher's other students to take his vengeance, the villain killed most of the students and Gicchin. The Viz translation refers to it as a monster instead of a demon. Two of these Saiyans are shown to have survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta, along with Nappa, Raditz and Vegeta. Their current fate is unknown. Unfortunately during Frieza's demonstration of the Scouters , he brought to replace the Saiyan Army's outdated Scout-Scopes which the Snipers were ironically using to the scouter Frieza was using detected which detected the hidden snipers' power levels and alerting Frieza of their presence.

However rather than punish King Vegeta and the Saiyan Army for this apparent act of disloyalty and potential assassination attempt by the Saiyan Army, he nonchalantly used the Scouter to aid him in targeting each sniper whom he killed with Death Beams from the landing site of King Cold's spaceship, demonstrating the futility of such tactics upon their new emperor and the effectiveness of the new Scouters in one fell swoop. According to Frieza, one of the Snipers had a power level of indicating the Sniper was a low class soldier which may explain their occupation as a Sniper as their profession would rely less on their combat strength.

Unfortunately like most members of the Saiyan Army, they lack the ability to conceal their power levels, resulting in their detection by Scouter which was new technology developed by Frieza Force Scientist Kikono. When Moro arrives at Tsuburi's village for the Dragon Ball, he telekinetically grabs Taniish by the throat and throws him into the wall of fire surrounding the village, killing him. Elder Tsuburi and the inhabitants of his village were trapped in a wall of fire by Moro, who demanded their Dragon Ball.

Tsuburi watches Moro kill Tanissh and another Namekian villager but refuses to hand over the Dragon Ball. He then tells Moro that his reign will end by the Namekian Savior, only to watch in horror as Moro kills the savior with a single blow to the chest without looking behind. Planet Namek Savior [23] is the fusion of several Namekians, who defends New Namek from any evil that threatens it.

After several Namekians are assimilated by one, the Namekian Savior charges straight at Moro, only to be killed by a single blow to the chest by Moro without looking behind. Being the fusion of dozens of Namekian warriors, the Namekian Savior is a powerful being.

Despite being aware that Moro was capable of defeating Goku and Vegeta, Moori believed the savior may be able to defeat him. However, he was easily killed by the partially restored Moro. A Galactic Patrol prisoner whose name is seemingly Vinesal [24]. At some point Vinesal was taken to Galactic Prison , he was freed by Moro's wish and joined the Moro Corps , being powered up by his new boss and sent out to fight Goku and Vegeta on New Namek, he was defeated.

When Vegeta lands on the Planet Yardrat, Hatksa is the one to assist him, taking him to see their elder Pybara. When Vegeta trains on the planet, Hatska is there throughout to offer his assistance. Pan thinks he is cute, gentle, and ladylike. He is last seen running away after seeing Pan fight bank robbers.

A giant who lives on Monmaasu. This character was designed by Akira Toriyama. He owns a hawk that he uses to hunt. One day, he eats an apple where the Four-Star Black Dragon Ball gets stuck and ends up with a toothache. This ends the giant's toothache. An unnamed mercenary who works for the Luud Cult. Because he did not find any Black Star Dragon Ball when he returned to Planet Luud , he was transformed into a doll and absorbed by Luud.

The Arcade Gangster is a seemingly young troublemaking delinquent hanging around a gaming arcade his "turf" , who is depicted as one of the humans Goten attempts to evacuate during the Earth 's imminent destruction at the hands of the Black Star Dragon Balls.

While threatening to beat Goten to a pulp for trespassing, he is easily taken out by Vegeta along with the rest of his gang. A young farm boy. The outcome of marooning was more often than not fatal. For most people who were marooned, being left on a deserted island or on a sandbar at low tide meant certain death. Although victims may receive some food and water, such supplies were meant to intensify the torture of the abandonment, keeping them alive longer to contemplate their impending doom.

More than likely, the victim would be given a loaded pistol so that he may commit suicide, throwing his soul even deeper into the belly of hell. The chief advocates marooning were the pirates of the 17th and 18th century. The advantage of marooning for pirates is that technically you were not killing your prisoners, and could use that to your advantage if you were ever caught.

The idea of marooning is that the victim would die, whether from starvation, attack by savage animals, exposure or suicide. However, there have been some historical cases where victims have survived. William Greenaway and some of his men loyal to him survived being marooned after a mutiny as did pirate captain Edward England and Robert Jeffrey who was rescued by a passing American vessel, the schooner Adams from Marblehead, Massachusetts after being marooned by Captain Warwick Lake of Recruit in