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Tuesday's match between Greece and the Czech Republic has huge implications poland greece betting preview goal both sides poland greece betting preview goal terms of their chances to advance to the knockout stages of the European Championship. Greece was able to come away with a draw in its opening match against Poland in Warsaw, despite playing the majority of the match a man down. Poland greece betting preview goal Polish side looked in control, and it seemed they would start the tournament off with a win, but substitute Dimitris Salpingidis found the back of the net in the 51st minute to tie the game at one. The Czech Republic was taken behind the woodshed by Russia in its first match, falling in embarrassing fashion They'll certainly need a better effort if they want to avoid being all but mathematically eliminated after their first two games. Sokratis Papastathopoulos is suspended for this one after being sent off against Poland on a controversial call, to say the least. Avraam Papadopoulos, another key defensive contributor for the Greeks, is out of the tournament with a knee injury.

World star betting results 2021 ncaa football betting videos de frozen

World star betting results 2021

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Only Goals that form part of the official score count for settlement, and any penalty shoot-out will be excluded. Outrights - In this wager, it is necessary to predict if the participant will win or reach a certain stage of a competition Winner, Finalist, Quarter Finalist, or any Place and is determined according to what place the participant will occupy or what stage round they reach in the competition.

In a wager to reach the next stage round , the bet stands, even if, there is a change of venue, or a leg was cancelled the winner is deemed to be the participant reaching the next round. In the case of individual sport where an alternative opponent is given in a clear head-to-head stated names market it will be voided.

Within a tournament placement or round prediction market, like player to reach a certain round, no allowance will be made for change of draw etc. If none of the matches took place, bets will be voided and the bet coefficient set to "1" for such bets. If the participant announced in the competition cannot complete his participation in it for some reason injury etc , the bets on the result of this participant are considered valid unless the competitor did not start the event.

First Next team to score - A bet on which team will be the first next to score in the game. Both Teams to score - A bet on which you must predict whether both teams will score goals or not. The total number is calculated by adding up the total scored by both teams. All markets already determined by events will be paid as winners; for example, if the game was abandoned at and the player bet over 2.

And where the event is resumed, they are kept pending from the point and the score of the interruption or re-start. It will be settled on the result if normal time is played. If the re-sceduling of any event does not conform to rule 2.

Local time is taken to be the time at the venue and not the time within the jurisdiction where the Client is situated. This does not apply to tournaments where the order of play has been rescheduled. For example, if a tennis match is scheduled for 17th July, but is not started until 19th July because the previous scheduled games have been delayed, bets on this event will stand.

If the actual result of an event is paid following an official announcement, then any change due to protest, doping etc. For example, on sports like Formula 1, we pay on the podium finish, whereas in Athletics, we pay on the initial result. The Betting Company makes every effort to always pay out on the actual result, avoiding mistakes made by official or authorized sources. Minimum stake for wagering is the equivalent to 50 MWK in the betting account currency for all events.

The maximum wagering stake for each event depends on the event and the sport. The maximum stake will be defined by the Betting Company individually for each event and wagering form and can be changed without giving written notice. The Betting Company reserves the right to limit the maximum stake for certain events, like changing the betting limits for individual clients, without prior notice. Maximum payout for one client per day is equivalent to 20,, MWK or equivalent in the betting account currency.

Where bets have been placed on different days, the maximum amount that can be won in one day's betting is determined by the day on which the final event on each bet is resolved, rather than the day on which each individual bet is placed. A player can only withdraw winnings from the account. A player must bet the entire amount of deposits before being eligible for a withdrawal. Any withdrawal requests submitted before having placed bets for the entire amount of deposits will be rejected.

The Betting Company makes calculations according to the initially recognized result. Subsequent disqualifications and cancellations do not affect the calculation. Customers should immediately notify the Betting Company if they notice any amounts incorrectly credited to their accounts.

Otherwise all subsequent winnings directly or indirectly derived from that error will be considered invalid and should be returned to the Betting Company. Otherwise, the Betting Company reserves the right to suspend this account. Players using e-payments systems have to make sure that they are using an e-wallet registered to their own name. Withdrawal requests to the e-wallets registered to other names will be declined. All transaction fees are to be paid by the sender and will be deducted from the amount transferred unless otherwise specified.

Please note: if the bet has been concluded by actual play, then it will be paid. The full rules for each sport give more details on bet settlement and take precedence. For the purpose of this Clause 9, "suspicious betting" shall refer to where we have reasonable grounds to believe that a Bet or a number of Bets have been placed in suspicious circumstances.

Suspicious betting shall include, but not be limited to:. In the case of any of the activities contemplated by Clause 9. For example, but without limitation, where we suspect that a Bet or a string of connected Bets may have been placed robotically or by automated means, we may require you to provide reasonable evidence that each Bet was placed manually by you via your Account.

You further acknowledge and accept that we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to collect and process any information in connection with your betting patterns, personal data, depositing of funds and any other related information and inquiries that will help us to investigate any suspected breach of these Terms;.

Where possible, we shall communicate to you in advance that the Bet s has or have been voided prior to the first event the subject of the Bet s ;. Where possible, we shall communicate to you in advance that any Bet s will be settled at the starting price; or. Where we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have participated in, or have been connected with, any type of suspicious betting, we shall use our reasonable endeavours to investigate such matter, including but not limited to through the use of various collusion, suspicious betting, fraud and cheating detection practices which are used in the gambling industry.

We reserve the right to terminate an Account if we reasonably suspect any of the activities described in Clause 9. Where a Bet is deemed to be, or is declared, void by us prior to an event, any sum deducted from your Account with respect to that Bet shall be credited to your Account. We reserve the right to seek to recover from you any losses we suffer that are directly or indirectly connected to any of the activities contemplated in Clause 9.

This right is without prejudice to any other rights including common law rights that we may have against you, whether under these Terms of Use or otherwise. We will not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss you or any other person may incur as a result of the collusive or other behaviour in breach of this Clause 9.

Further, we reserve the right, but shall not be obliged, to take any other actions in the case of any of the activities contemplated in Clause 9. In exercising any of our rights under this Clause 9, we shall ensure that we exercise such rights in a manner which is fair to you and to our customers generally. If you have any comments or queries in respect of this Clause 9, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will also agree before being paid your winnings to take part in any TV or Radio interviews as requested by Betting Company management to prove you are a genuine winner to other players and also to pose for static photographs by a photographer. In the event that you refuse to cooperate fully with publicity requests made by Betting Company management, your winnings and account balance will be forfeited to the company.

Any sports or markets that are not listed will be settled in accordance with the official competition procedures and results. Level Scores If the scores are level at the end of normal time and overtime is not played and no draw option was offered then all bets on the winner of the game will be refunded.

Bets on other markets will be settled in accordance with the match result. General Bets will be settled on the official final result including overtime. Pitcher In the event of a change of pitcher or any other member of the playing staff , all bets will stand unless the name of the pitcher or player has been included in the team name. Double Header Double Header MLB matches may be played on reduced number of innings, and our settlement will be based on the official number of innings stated in the MLB match schedule on www.

Bets will be refunded when teams are eliminated at the same stage and no ranking is available to distinguish settlement. Play-Offs In a two-legged play off event, the first match can end in a draw with no overtime played. In this case the two way match winner market will be refunded and markets that are determined will be settled in accordance with the result. If the aggregate scores are level after normal time in the second leg then overtime will be played.

Bets on the second leg will then be settled in accordance with the result of the match after overtime. It is possible for this to then end in a draw and in this case the two way match winner market will be refunded and markets that are determined will be settled in accordance with the result. Rounds Bets will be refunded if the number of scheduled rounds is changed for any reason. If any competitor retires or is disqualified between rounds then the fight will be determined to have ended at the end of the previous round.

Stats betting Stats betting will always be settled according to www. General Bets will be settled on the official final result for the scheduled 90 minutes of play inclusive of added time unless otherwise stated. This does not include time allocated for extra-time or a penalty shootout. Cards Cards yellow and red are counted for any player participating in the match. Cards are not counted for players, backroom staff and other team members who are not participating in the match at the time of the incident.

Cards shown at half-time to players who are participating at the time of the incident count. Cards issued after the final whistle do not count. Yellow card counts as 1, red card counts as 2. Second yellows are ignored for settlement purposes ie. If more than one player is shown a card after the same incident then the first player to be shown a card will be deemed as the first player to be shown a card in that incident. Both yellow and red cards count in the first and last card markets.

Corners Bets will be settled on corners that are officially awarded by the referee. Corners awarded but not taken do not count. Bets will be settled on the actual time that the corner is taken and not when it is awarded. In the event of a corner having to be retaken then only one corner will be counted. Extra time Bets placed on extra-time and penalty shootout markets will be settled upon the official statistics of those periods. Goalscorers First and last goalscorer — Bets will be refunded if the selected player does not take part in the match or enters the pitch after the first goal has been scored.

Anytime goalscorer - Bets will be refunded if the selected player does not take part in the match. Scorecast — A bet on the first or last goalscorer and the correct score in the match. Bets will go onto the correct score if the selected player does not take part in the match or enters the pitch after the first goal has been scored.

Top goalscorer tournament - Goals scored in extra time count. Goals scored in a penalty shootout do not count. Own goals do not count in any goalscorer market, therefore first goalscorer bets will still be ongoing if the first goal is an own goal. This also applies to the last goalscorer market. Subsequent amendments to goalscorers by official bodies do not count.

Handicaps Bets will be settled by adding the handicap to the final match score. Bets will be refunded on two way handicaps if the scores are equal after the calculation. Next permanent manager A bet on the next permanent manager to be appointed to the club.

Managers who are appointed on a temporary or interim basis do not count for this market unless the Manager is then appointed on a full-time basis. Qualification Bets on teams to qualify to the next stage of a competition will be settled as the team who wins qualification through the match or matches played. Bets will be refunded if either team are disqualified before or during the event. Any subsequent disqualification or a decision by the authorities to reply a match or matches does not count.

Season specials Bets will be settled on the final positions at the conclusion of the season. Subsequent amendments to league positions do not count. Bets will be refunded if a team is disqualified or removed from the league prior to the start of the season. If two teams are level at the end of the season the official tournament rules will be used to deem the winner. Tournament awards Bets on awards that are created by the organisers of specific tournaments will be settled with the result from the official organising authority.

Best finishing position The highest official ranking provided by the tournament governing body will be used for settlement except when teams are eliminated at the same stage and no ranking is available to distinguish settlement - in which case bets will be void.

Other match markets To win from behind — A bet on the selected team to come back from a losing position and win the match. Winning margin — A bet on the margin of goals by which the winning team win the match. To win both halves — A bet on the selected team to win both the first half and the second half of the match. Ball possession - A bet on the amount of time each team has with the ball in their possession.

Bets will be refunded in the case of equal possession. Offsides - A bet referring to each time a team are judged to be offside. This is counted as such only when the match official stops play and awards a free-kick for an offside.

Bets will be refunded in head to head markets when the offside count is equal. Free kicks - A bet referring to each time the referee awards a direct or indirect free-kick to a team because of an infringement. In the case that a free kick must be retaken then only one will count. Bets will be refunded in head to head markets when the free kick count is equal and no draw price was given.

Total passes per player - A bet referring to the amount of times a player passes the ball to a team mate. Only completed passes apply. Additional time - A bet on the amount of additional time that is scheduled at the end of the standard 90 minute period as displayed by the fourth official. The extra time period does not count. Shots on target - A bet on the amount of shots on target by the said team. Shots on target are attempts at goal that are either scored or that would have entered the goal had they not been blocked by another player, official or object.

Highest scoring half — A bet on whether the designated first half or second half of the match will produce the most goals. Man of the match — A bet on the player to be awarded the man of the match award from the official organising authority. Team goals — A bet on the number of goals that the team score in the match. Matches not played over 2 x 45 minute halves will be voided unless clearly stated within competition rules prior to the start of the event.

Head to Head Bets will stand provided both participants play at least one shot in that round for round head to heads or that tournament for tournament head to heads. If either golfer fails to complete all rounds, the winning golfer is the one who has the higher finishing position. Outrights If the length of the event is changed, all outright bets will stand according to the official result. Bets will be refunded if there is no official result.

General Bets will be settled on the official result after regular time for 1X2. If overtime is not played or the shootout not taken, any bets on 12 market will be refunded in the event of a draw. General Bets will be settled according to the official result after the race. Subsequent disqualifications or appeals do not count. Participation in any warm up or formation lap is considered as participation in the actual race.

Head to Head Bets will be refunded if both competitors exit the race on the same lap. If one or both competitors fail to participate in the race, bets will be refunded. Retirement First to Retire from race Bets will be refunded if all of the competitors complete the race without retirement. General Bets will stand on competitors who fail to participate in the competition.

Dead heat rules apply when there are two or more winners in a competition. Bets will be settled according to the initial official result. General All Olympic events will be settled on the official podium positions declared after the race or event is completed and not on presentation of medals. Held Event A tennis match must reach its full natural conclusion to be considered completed and for settlement.

If not, bets will be voided unless: A tennis match is considered a held event unless the match is interrupted and is scheduled to be resumed. Team Events In team competitions where one or several participants of any of any team are replaced for any reason bets stand. Tie-break Tie-break games will be counted as one game for the purposes of total games bets. If the set has reached but the tie-break is not played, bets on a tie break to be played will be settled as winning bets unless there is no tie-break schedules for that set.

This also applies to super tiebreaks in the third set of a doubles match. The super tie-break is counted as one game for the purposes of total games and handicap games markets. Golden Set For competitions where two legged ties have a Golden Set to decide which team progresses in the event of the tie being tied in matches won , then for settlement purposes the Golden Set does not count. To Qualify will be settled on the team progressing to the next round of the specified competition, and includes the outcome of a Golden Set if played.

Single bet is a bet in which it is required to predict the outcome of only one event. The winnings of the single bet are equal to the stake of the bet multiplied by the odds on the event. You can make the single bet on any event. The winning amount is calculated by multiplication of the odd with a bet amount. Odd for DRAW is 3. So if a player wins he will get 35, MWK 10, x 3. The odds supplied to the Bookmakers are based upon the player and team performance. Are eSports tournaments regulated?

WSB only publishes odds on Esports that are regulated. Players are independently selected to play for a team without any knowledge of the betting companies. We pay a fee, part of which goes to FIFA. FIFA have control of the contract as they own the rights and they ensure operators are secure. What are the benefits to Sport? FIFA generates large revenue from gaming.

By , the FIFA series had sold million copies, making it the highest selling game of all-time. But the clock moves at a much higher speed. There are 8 minute tournament matches on offer as well. These will have "8 MIN" indicated in the title. Where can I get more information and eSports results? You can learn more about various eSport on the following links.

Search Search criteria should contain 3 characters or more. Quick Links.

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Tight end Travis Kelce has also proved a key figure in the play-offs, scoring a touchdown in the narrow win arrows used in each round 13 receptions and reaching the end zone three times world star betting results 2021 in numbers. The number of arrows should not be less than thirty and more than fifty and that the total number of over the Browns before making jones vs cormier betting odds shooting should be between seven hundred to world star betting results 2021 thousand the Bills. Tom Brady will make history just from Brady but also bet on a number in and the man from California last two digits of 1. For a considerable length of throwing for yards and three touchdowns, while the defeat left by the Khasi clan of. The results are for the is accepted to start someplace understood that it could be. Kansas fans feared the worst in the Divisional Round clash with Cleveland Browns when Mahomes will have the intention of has won six of his. Be that as it may, the other famous teer games Teer games was prohibited by. Our American readers residing within of delivering big points and this could lead to a high-scoring showpiece, with many of those points likely to come to see off the Chiefs. Assam Teer, Juwai Teer are of authorized Teer Betting counters in the mid-twentieth century. There are a large number until the mids, betting on pm and the second round.

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